TD Kendall Beckwith Scouting Notes

Kendall Beckwith Strengths A monster when he's free. At his best he's a punishing tackler with range and anticipation. Strong in pursuit with good closing speed. First guy to the ball consistently. Good tackler who prevents extra yardage on contact. Gets depth well in coverage. Playmaking blitzer due to closing speed and hitting ability. Weaknesses Can be blocked. Gets contacted and taken out of the play. Inconsistent taking on blocks. Pursues well but not great changing direction. While he’s a good tackler and gets to the ball, doesn’t always break down and has some limitations laterally. Coming off an ACL. Overall When Beckwith anticipates correctly he's a mean blur on the field. Even thou

TD Kareem Hunt Scouting Notes

Chris Nicoll USA Today Kareem Hunt Strengths Hunt utilizes the juke stick better than most backs in this class. Springy legs with terrific balance and lean. Good vision. Plenty of pass game experience and a good receiver. Pass blocking isn't foreign to him. Compactly built and finishes runs. Holds one of the lowest fumble rates of any prospect in recent memory. Weaknesses Biggest detriment is pure speed. He's not a breakaway guy and his burst is just adequate. His weight has fluctuated and he's dealt with nagging minor injuries. Also served a suspension as a junior. Overall Hunt showed up to senior week practices noticeably leaner then he looked during the season. And he was leaner this seas

TD Jamaal Williams Scouting Notes

Sammy Jo Hester - Daily Herald Jamaal Williams Strengths Power back mentality but can make quick lateral jump cuts to free space in the hole or in the open field. Aggressive mindset and always keeps his feet moving creating plenty of yac. Plus balance and uses a strong stiff arm. Deceptive speed in the open field. Plus vision and regularly runs to daylight. Rarely puts the ball on the ground. Experienced receiver. Experienced willing blocker. Great motor. Weaknesses Just adequate burst and speed. Power back mentality but just ok size. Willing blocker but can get annihilated vs power. Sat out a season for personal reasons and suspended a few games for rules violation. Overall Williams is a wo

TD Jaleel Johnson Scouting Notes

Charlie Neibergall AP Jaleel Johnson Strengths Comes to play every game and brings a high motor. Quick off the snap and covers ground with a good closing burst. Uses good technique with his hands to rip, lock out or disengage. Stout, rarely walked back and generally holds up vs the double. Engaging personality and team leader. Weaknesses Occasionally high and loses push. Physically strong opponents can tie him up. Neutralized against power guys and needs to improve upper body strength. Mostly a two down guy until his senior year. Limited athlete despite ability to create push. Overall Johnson took awhile but really stepped his game up as a senior. Primarily a 2 down guy before his last year,

TD D'Onta Foreman Scouting Notes

D’onta Foreman* Strengths Good vision and efficiency to the hole and the 2nd level. Utilizes great body lean and usually falls forward. Forces business decisions at the 2nd level with his size and breakaway speed. Good balance with relatively quick feet for a big back. Impressed with catching ability at his pro day. Weaknesses Lateral ability is less than ordinary. Was a workhorse but had ball security issues. A one year wonder that benefited from strong run blocking upfront. Overall Foreman is a size/speed back with an efficient running style and good vision. He shows decent feet but his lateral ability and cod isn't great. His OL opened canyons for him last season and he was often 5-6 yard

TD Corey Davis Scouting Notes

Carlos Osario AP Corey Davis Strengths Efficient mover with quick feet and strong hands. Acrobatic leaper with a large catch radius and body control. Decisive and physical after the catch. A grinder who prepared like a pro in college. Great blocker. Respected leader and high character individual. Weaknesses Doesn't explode off the line and lacks the speed to threaten over the top. Great ball skills but routinely drops passes. Physical DBs can have some success against him. Due to a lingering injury will miss all the post season physical testing and drills. Overall FBS leader in career yards is atop many WR rankings but I'm not as high on him. He's a tall, physical, fluid WR that can make spe

TD Antonio Garcia Scouting Notes

Antonio Garcia Strengths Athletic, long and mean. Quick feet and a brutalizing punch. Plays through the whistle. Mirrors effectively and will kick an opponent's ass if they lapse. Equally effective run and pass blocker. Weaknesses Undersized and needs to play with ideal leverage to hold ground. Often walked back and overpowered. Quick feet but can be beat inside and out. Technique is raw atm. Nasty play style but almost borders on dirty play. Overall First time I checked him out I was shocked how skinny he is. I literally thought he was the TE or even a WR blocking down. He was getting jacked by a small school guy and pushed into the backfield on almost every play. He's clearly got a lot of

TD Jamal Adams Scouting Notes

Jamal Adams* Strengths Former CB maintains the speed and hips to play man to man. Smart and aware in coverage and rarely flagged. Long armed with quick feet. Gets to top speed in a blink coming downhill. A talker who’s constantly communicating with teammates and opponents. Passionate leader who prepares like a pro and is a leader on and off the field. Weaknesses He can overrun plays and doesn't always wrap up. Appears smaller than his listed size and isn’t generally a forceful tackler. Overall I think Adam's passion and talent for the game is Ed Reed-esque and he's one of the surest prospects in this class. He's a footballer thru and thru. He's as effective in the box as playing the deep hal

TD Obi Melinfonwu Scouting Notes

Butch Dill AP Obi Melifonwu The UConn product has experience and athleticism to burn. He really flashed at senior week practices showing an impressive physique at the weigh in and man cover ability on the field. Strengths Tall and fast. He moves like a big CB. Plenty of experience in the deep half. A sure tackler and gets to the ball. High character guy coming out of a program known for putting DBs in the NFL. Weaknesses Doesn't bring much physicality for such a big, fast guy. Routinely pushed back on first contact as a tackler. Always around the ball but will likely test faster,quicker, than he actually plays. Overall Great character guy with elite range and size for a safety. A physical sp

TD Jabrill Peppers Scouting Notes

Jabrill Peppers* Strengths Sudden mover with great cod, click and close and top end speed. Good tackler who finds a way to get you down. Comfortable in man and off, in the box or single high. Flashes ability to beat up guys in press man. Elite return man.Great character and leader on and off the field. Weaknesses Gets lost in man with his back to the ball. Takes false steps in space. Tackling has improved but still doesn't break down consistently. Didn't get his hands on the ball enough. Overall Peppers is polarizing. Elite physical tools with a big personality but didn't make a ton of difference making plays. Competed as a CB but hardly locked up anyone. Blazes around the field but isn't a

TD Zay Jones Scouting Report

Sean Rayford AP Isaiah “Zay” Jones When I first started looking at Jones he didn't exactly impress. I saw a mediocre college star WR. @Brian Robiskie. But at the senior week practices...he looked like a different WR to me. He consistently beat guys with great suddenness, length and hands. And he was consistent. He carried it through all week and into the game. So it forced me to go back and look closer at his games. Strengths He's not particularly powerful but he really gets after blocking... his awareness and effort sticks out. His overall game is great hands, foot quickness and length. He's officially 617 202 but he uses every inch. Body control/balance is outstanding. He's acrobatic with

TD Des Lawrence Scouting Notes

Des Lawrence Strengths Experienced physical DB with strong ball skills and good short area quickness. Safety mentality who beats up opponents in press and stalks the run. Consistent on ball production the last two seasons. Good tackler that can intimidate. Weaknesses Lacks long speed and struggles to hang with top speed. A little angular/choppy and loses space in his transitions. Zero picks as a senior and only 3 in his career. Overall Lawrence is overlooked in a deep class. He's been a consistent physical playmaker on the outside for UNC that plays up to the challenge. His speed isn't ideal but he's quick and can make up for it with good technique. He'll be a mid round guy that contributes

TD Charles Harris Scouting Report

Luke Broderick Charles Harris* Strengths Harris' game is quickness, but he's not strictly finesse; he's mean at the poa. His first step and lateral movement is explosive, and he plays with big time aggression and motor. Shows a variety of pass rush moves. Fairly comfortable in space and excelled in LB drills at the combine. He played on an awful Mizzou team last season and at times had little impact but his motor never waned. Weaknesses His hand usage can be somewhat pedestrian and he’s undersized. At times he's​ overwhelmed and gives up too much ground at the los. He's not especially flexible though I've seen him bend and run the arc. Overall Harris is one of my favorite defenders in this c

TD Chidobe Awuzie Scouting Notes

Kirby Lee USA Today Chidobe Awuzie Strengths Quick feet with good overall speed. Good open field tackler. Aggressive to the ball and often the first DB to stick his head in. Sheds quickly. Produced as a blitzer and in the box. Potential switch to FS. Weaknesses Ball skills aren't the greatest and he can lose in jump ball situations. Route recognition can be slow. In position but doesn’t locate the ball. Aggressive but lacks strength and size as a safety. Overall Awuzie is a well rounded DB who can cover and tackle. He routinely made plays at or behind the los while also generally playing sticky coverage. Not an intimidator but he'd make a solid last line of defense guy. Play style is similar

TD Budda Baker Scouting Notes

Budda Baker* Strengths Big time athlete with stand out speed. Pound for pound one of the more physical tacklers in the class. Used in the box, deep and in the slot. Competent covering man and might be viewed as a CB by some teams. Vocal leader of the team. Weaknesses Small and used more in the box than single high in space. Decent tackler but occasionally leaky. Ball skills aren't great. Overall Baker flies around but isn't a playmaker. Generally a sound tackler but occasionally let's someone slip through and doesn't scare many with his physicality. Particularly small for a SS where he's been best. I think his speed and versatility will intrigue some teams and get him drafted earlier than h

TD Ahkello Witherspoon Scouting Notes

Russell Lansford Icon Sportswire Ahkello Witherspoon Strengths Great length and athletic ability. Mirrors well with quickness and body control. Speed to carry over the top. Challenges at the catch point and gets his long arms in the way. Competitive and aware. Weaknesses Shoulders are for suits guy. A poor, soft, tackler. Gets in position but routinely whiffs. In the rare times he tackles he doesn't wrap, preferring to throw his shoulder in. Has the quickness to mirror but shows some rawness in his body control and balance. Overall One of the better man CBs in a historically deep class. Possesses great length and the athletic ability to mirror anyone. Physicality is lacking however and he’s

TD Myles Garrett Scouting Report

Myles Garrett* The consensus top prospect in this class all season long. He’s got a lot going for him. Youth, size, production and character. He's been referred to by scouts as the best piece of clay in the draft. Strengths He uses his length, get off, strength and flexibility to overwhelm blockers. Covers ground quickly in chase mode. His opponents clearly gameplay around him, throwing extra blockers his way and taking the play away from him. A mentally tough guy with role model character. He's blessed with prototype length, size, bend, and quickness for an NFL edge rusher. Weaknesses A more finesse player than he looks. He plays like a smaller stand up OLB rather than a down DE. I don't th

TD Jonathan Allen Scouting Report

Jonathan Allen Strengths Controls blockers with violent hands. Impressive agility and quick feet for a near 300lber. Possesses short area lateral quickness and closing burst. Big time motor and tracks the ball all over the field. Coordinated, efficient mover in space making him appear faster than he is. Stood out on a talent laden Alabama squad and improved every year playing on the edge and inside. High character guy and a team leader. Weaknesses Just an adequate get off. Struggles at times to redirect and change directions if he sold out one way. Slightly undersized to play inside and not especially dynamic to play on the edge. Surrounded by talent and had many big plays served up to him.

TD Derek Barnett Scouting Report

Wade Payne AP Derek Barnett* Strengths Power end with first step quickness and a big motor. Gets emotionally invested 1 on 1 and can raise his game up and turn up himself and his teammates. Not an athletic freak but gets sideline to sideline with fluidity and control. Heavy hands at the poa with good technique and can get stout. Consistently produced. Team leader material. Weaknesses Motor fluctuates some from play to play. First step quick but not an overly athletic guy in space or changing direction. Squatty tweener frame and can get overwhelmed occasionally at the point. Overall When I first watched Barnett I wasn’t blown away. I got a Derrick Morgan vibe from him. Morgan certainly isn't

TD Takk McKinley Scouting Report

Takkarist McKinley Strengths Fast, physical rusher with a forever motor and fiery demeanor. Changes directions particularly well and can close sideline to sideline. Long arms and flashes ragdoll ability. Fluid and can bend around the edge. Often plays bigger than his listed size. Solid run defender generally who can set the edge and sticks inside gaps. Role model character and has overcome crushing obstacles in his life. Weaknesses Often too upright and can lose balance. Gets stuck in trash. Doesn't always use long arms and strong hands and sticks to the block. Essentially a one year wonder that lacks refinement. Overall High character guy that grinds. A forever motor on the field and high e

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