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Son Adam

Draft dork, Northeast/USA native. Majored in Art & Art Education so naturally I wanted to start an independent Draft Analyst Site. An obscene football fan and die hard Browns fan. I created this site after realizing my draft projections were better than many of the media analysts I follow. Watched the game since I was little but I've been writing and blogging about the draft in depth since 2011. Feel free to shoot any comments at me, postive or negative. Be blunt.

Random past hot & cold draft takes:

2018 on Baker Mayfield..

Mayfield's the best downfield thrower in this class, the most accurate and has the biggest arm between Darnold and Rosen but the relationship with his coaches will be crucial to his success. Regarded as a leader, worker, and quick learner, the biggest question mark at this point are those volatile personality intangibles.

2017 on Pat Mahomes..

Mahomes is one of the most accurate college QB’s on the move I’ve ever seen. And he possesses the most arm talent of any air raid QB to date. That said, his success will hinge on his ability to process and manage the game at the pro level, not the highlight plays

2017 on Nathan Peterman..

Peterman picked up buzz heading into Senior week practices but didn't exactly do much with it. He's more advanced functionally then most of the QBs in this class but his arm is less than ordinary. His coach called him another Kurt Cousins but I get a Christian Ponder vibe.

2017 on Charles Harris.

Harris is one of my favorite defenders in this class and for a good while this season I had him ranked over Myles Garrett. Aggression, quickness, technique and a big motor is an easy skill set to bank on. After disappointing athletically at the combine he drastically improved his short area explosion numbers at his pro day. Mizzou has been churning out pass rushers lately and Harris is probably the best of them. His spin move is Freeney-esque but if he gets a little stronger as a pro I think he's John Abraham.

2015 on Dante Fowler..

I guess I can see the Fowler/Mack comparison. Fowler is physical and athletic but not really a refined pass rusher. He might make more of an impact against the run then as a rusher, like Mack. But I'd say more like a poor man's Mack. Personally I see an Erik Walden with a few more sacks.

2015 on Markus Golden..

Zierlein calls Markus Golden a plodder. Huh? Watch the senior bowl. He was repeatedly beating T.J. Clemmings and Donovan Smith. He runs like a LB. No productivity? It's as if that scouting report was written 2 yrs ago..

2012 on Robert Griffin..

I won't say he'll outright bust, but in 3 seasons the Redskins will be looking in another direction.

2015 on Grady Jarrett..

Way under the radar right now, Jarrett plays like a MLB in a NT's body. Not really surprising given his lineage. Overwhelmed rarely because of his size, he’s stout and pretty much impossible to keep out of the backfield. The size of the dog adage should inked on him somewhere.

2015 on T.J. Clemmings..

I think Clemmings is stiff moving laterally and going to have real trouble with edge speed. Buyer beware.

2014 on Khalil Mack..

I'm lukewarm on Mack. I think he's getting too much hype over one game. He didn't really meet expectations at Lucas Field, which I guessed he wouldn't. He was fine in drills but not impressive by any stretch. To take a predominately ILB, which he'd be for some teams, top 5, isn't a good move imo. Taking a LB that early is traditionally not good. If you're taking Mack to primarily be a rusher then fine.

2010 on Rolondo McClain..

Everyone loves him, but I don't see it. He looks like a slower, softer version of  Karlos Dansby.

2014 on Derek Carr..

His stock is considered in the top ten range right now and Carr might do shockingly well at the combine and senior week if he participates. But he’s got a significant flaw that might turn teams off and cause him to drop - lack of poise under pressure. Lesser concerns but also hurdles are his level of competition and footwork. He’s feasted on opponents this year and has special arm talent but teams like the Jaguars, Browns and Vikings, given their recent QB situations, might be especially leery of a guy that’s perceived to not handle the rush.

2014 on Sammy Watkins..

Elite raw talent but he's not near as polished a WR as former top 5 talents. He's superbly explosive but he's been used more like a RB than a wide out. The game is different now and I think he'll succeed but I'm not expecting a slam dunk career start-especially if he goes to a team with an average to sub par QB. Also think he's a risk to be injury prone. The guy I like best is Beckham. Great return guy, and he excels at making clutch catches; a definite need for winning football.

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