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1. Cleveland Browns - Myles Garrett* |DE/OLB| Texas A&M:
The consensus #1 since the start of the season. Highly productive, freakish athletic linear ability, and a high character guy. What I haven't liked for awhile now is the lack of a consistent motor, and physicality at the line of scrimmage. He plays like a smaller stand up OLB despite being near 6’5 270. He's been catching deserved flack for some ill advised and immature behaviors leading up to the draft... Best scenario is that all the backbiting helps to generate a substantial chip. The Trubisky talk at #1 hurts. Drafting Trubisky at #1 would essentially be an admission by the Browns that they errored in passing Wentz last year. Because there's no way Trubisky is rated higher than the North Dakota QB. I still blame Parcels. If I was making this pick, it would be Solomon Thomas.
NFL Comp. smaller, softer Julius Peppers

2. San Francisco 49ers - Jamal Adams |S| LSU:
The former CB retains the speed and fluidity to play man coverage but also brings the physicality of a box safety. Great leader and motivator that you want in the locker room and practice field. I had Adams here in January and I’m coming back to it as the late speculation points toward him. Solomon Thomas would also make a great fit but it’s possible Lynch doesn’t want to step on what’s already in place so to speak. Armstead is already a solid fit at the 3 in Saleh’s defense with Buckner at the 5.
NFL Comp. taller Earl Thomas

3. Chicago Bears - Solomon Thomas* |DE| Stanford:
Thomas is a tad longer and leaner than Aaron Donald but their play style is very similar. The Bears took a similar type prospect for their defense in Bullard last season so it’s a safe bet they’re high on Thomas. The issue is Bullard didn’t mesh well in the scheme. Thomas is a superior prospect but I don’t think he’s the best fit for it either.
NFL Comp. Aaron Donald Lite

4. TRADE Cincinnati Bengals (JAC) - Len Fournette*|RB| LSU:
The Bengals have been looking past Jeremy Hill since his playoff fumble and are rumored to covet a big time RB. I think the Bengals see themselves as a playoff team but lack a real punch out of their backfield and Fournette could be their Zeke. Fournette’s got unique size and speed but just adequate patience and vision. Atm he’s just a physical battering ram. Bengals use their 2nd rounder and a 6th rounder to move up 5 spots here.
NFL Comp. Ricky Williams

5. Tennessee Titans - O.J. Howard |TE| Alabama:
Titans need to take the best skill position offensive player available in the 1st. Adding a dynamic TE that can break the seam and block should make their run first offense even more scary. Howard’s exactly how you draw up a pro TE but did disappear for long stretches at Bama’.
NFL Comp. skinny Marcedes Lewis

6. New York Jets - Mitch Trubisky* |QB| UNC:
I would think most teams would be appropriately cautious with this year’s QB class. ...but then again the Jets and Maccagnan don’t really have anything to lose. After ridiculously swinging and missing on Hackenberg, I could see them attempting to right things by taking this year's top QB. Even though that QB has the fewest starts of any 1st round selected QB.... But they’re going nowhere with Bowles and this roster and hitting on a franchise QB is probably the only way out.
NFL Comp. between a stronger armed Andy Dalton & Mark Sanchez

7. Los Angeles Chargers - Jonathan Allen |DE| Alabama:
The talk about Allen's health and his sub par combine give the impression that his stock is dropping, but I think it might be a similar situation as Bosa last year, who ultimately went right about where he was expected to go. Allen's a DE in a DT body with a forever motor and a savage at the point of attack. Not flashy but he’s a plugger upfront that can finish.
NFL Comp. Jurrell Casey

8. Carolina Panthers - Christian McCaffrey*|RB| Stanford:
Superman needs a sidekick. McCaffrey’s an explosive running and receiving talent but he’s also slight and a bit underpowered at the moment. With Stewart's legs getting weary McCaffrey could be a great compliment straight away, then eventually be the full time starter in a season or two.
NFL Comp. Warrick Dunn

9. TRADE Jacksonville Jaguars (CIN) - Garett Bolles |OT| Utah:
I’m sure the Jags like Fournette, but I’ll wager his football mentality and positional value doesn’t quite synch up with Coughlin and Caldwell. Meanwhile, OL is a weakness and if there’s any hope remaining in reworking Bortles, the blocking must improve. Bolles is the best OT in this class, imo. Pass protects well but really shines as a run blocker. And he’s got a personality Coughlin would pound the table for. I think they could mimic the Dolphins and play Bolles at OG for a season next to Albert, then let him take over LT year 2.
NFL Comp. Jordan Gross

10. Buffalo Bills - Mike Williams*|WR| Clemson:
Williams isn’t a blazer but has size, hands, and quick feet. He’s got some Fitzgerald in his game. I think he’s a fairly safe pick as a playmaker and the Bills need reliable offensive weapons besides just Leshon McCoy.
NFL Comp. Amani Toomer

11. New Orleans Saints - Haason Reddick |OLB/DE| Temple:
No prospect has seen as great a meteoric rise up the boards as Reddick this draft season and I think it’s well deserved. He’s an elite athlete with strength, closing burst and fluidity as a pass rusher and experience playing in space and in coverage. He’s a prototype 34 OLB but versatile enough to play at any LB spot. Saints went hard after LB this off season clearly viewing it a weakness. They came away with a few vet fill ins but none are above average starters. I think Reddick would be an OLB on early downs then rush on pass downs.
NFL Comp. 6’1 Anthony Barr

12. Cleveland Browns - Patrick Mahomes* |QB| Texas Tech:
Which QB the Browns covet is anyone’s guess but I think Mahomes would check a lot of analytical boxes for Sashi & Co. And I’m not convinced he’d have to play right away because Kessler played better as a rookie than most give him credit for. He was a rare solid game managing rookie. That should only get better year 2. A trade up with the Titans for Trubisky is possible, but again, it’s really hard for me to register the team being so high on Mitch, yet passing on Wentz last season.
NFL Comp. an air raid Matt Stafford

13. Arizona Cardinals - Malik Hooker**|S| OSU:
Hooker’s a phenom athlete and ballhawk but also a one year wonder coming of minor injuries. His click and close, body control and ball skills are Ed Reed-esque but he’s got a long way to go to match Reed’s leadership, toughness and clutch capability. I feel like the physical part of the game is always going to bite him in the ass a bit.
NFL Comp. Devon McCourty

14. Philadelphia Eagles - Marshon Lattimore**|CB| OSU:
Lattimore’s more or less how you draw up a pro CB and he looks like he could be coached to fit any scheme. But the injury history and just 1 year of production are flags.
NFL Comp. P.J. Williams

15. Indianapolis Colts - Kenny King |CB| Washington:
King’s got impressive length, elite quickness and isn’t afraid to hit...rare combination. Steadily improved at Washington to the point where some scouts liked him over Sidney Jones well before the pro day.
NFL Comp. Richard Sherman

16. Baltimore Ravens - Derek Barnett |DE/OLB| Tennessee:
Carries a strong motor, technique and top tier initial quickness in a squatty body. But he’s also perceived as a try hard guy that lacks measurables and could very well drop. Ravens could use Corey Davis but Barnett is too much like the edge guys Ozzie has always liked.
NFL Comp. Brandon Graham

17. Washington Redskins - Malik McDowell*|DT| Michigan St:
McDowell’s getting justifiably knocked as being a boom/bust candidate but the boom is pretty high up there. He has a special physical skill set and flashed everything you want to see in a big time DL prospect. He just hasn’t done it enough. It makes his draft slotting hard to pinpoint and anywhere from 20-60 won’t surprise me. It'll be all about the coaching with him similar to Chris Jones last year.
NFL Comp. Malik Jackson

18. Tennessee Titans - Reuben Foster |LB| Alabama:
Foster’s a devastating hitter and has shown he can cover. Dropped weight this past season and became extra explosive. But it’s hard to get a good read on a guy playing behind the most dominant DL in the country. Regarded as a top 5 talent but injury history and character concerns should drop him some.
NFL Comp. Kevin Burnett

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Forrest Lamp |OT/OG| W. Kentucky:
Bucs have been linked to Cook, Ross, Barnett and others but I think by far the biggest weakness on the team is the OL. They've got big plans for this season but none of it will get off the ground if they can’t give Winston a clean pocket. Lamp’s a steady, powerful guy with good feet and is arguably the best overall OL in this class. He held his own at LT against the strength of Jon Allen and the speed of Arden Key over the past 2 seasons at WKU. I think he could stick at OT if he had to or be a rock at OG in the league.
NFL Comp. Marshall Yanda-ish

20. Denver Broncos - Cam Robinson*|OT| Alabama:
Robinson’s more of a project than a finished product. He’s got prototypical size and length and solid athletic ability but isn’t terribly powerful or especially laterally quick. But his upside and the Broncos legit need at the position might make him too hard to pass.
NFL Comp. King Dunlap

21. Detroit Lions - Charles Harris* |DE| Missouri:
Harris has a lot of dog in him. He’s got a big time motor and is aggressive and quick at the poa with his hands and feet. He’s a little stiff and undersized but plays with a chip that compensates.

NFL Comp. John Abraham

22. Miami Dolphins - Takkarist McKinley |DE/OLB| UCLA:
Takk brings a forever motor with good initial burst, change of direction and strength. And endless quality nicknames.

NFL Comp. Jabaal Sheard

23. New York Giants - David Njoku*|TE| Miami:
Inexperienced phenom that’s a willing blocker if not a good one. Inconsistent hands and raw all around but he's just too good of an athlete and individual to last very long.
NFL Comp. Vernon Davis

24. Las Vegas Raiders - Marlon Humphrey**|CB| Alabama:
Humphrey’s an elite athlete and extra physical but his coverage isn’t sticky and he’s not that great in jump ball situations. I think he might make a better safety. Teams would be intrigued with his press man potential though. Foster on the board but he might be too questionable a character guy for McKenzie.
NFL Comp Eric Rowe

25. Houston Texans - T.J. Watt |OLB| Wisconsin:
Draft stock on Watt’s hard to place after a one year breakout and top shelf testing. It’s a matter of how teams will view his upside. His film is solid not spectacular. Matching him up with his all pro brother might be too good too pass up.
NFL Comp. Mike Vrabel

26. Seattle Seahawks - Ryan Ramcyzk*|OT| Wisconsin:
Ramcyzk made an impressive jump from D III and should at least provide good run blocking for the Hawks. As a pass protector he might be a little lacking despite his great technique.
NFL Comp. Bryan Bulaga

27. Kansas City Chiefs - Jarrad Davis |LB| Florida:
Davis is the best interior LB in this class, imo. He’s an uber physical, versatile, passionate player in the mold of some of the best the game has seen.
NFL Comp slower Ray Lewis

28. Dallas Cowboys - Jabrill Peppers*|S| Michigan:
Polarizing guy has elite speed and got better over his college career despite playing 4+ positions. This pick would remind me of Dez Bryant's selection and could pay off similarly.
NFL Comp. Malcolm Jenkins

29. Green Bay Packers - Chidobe Awuzie |CB| Colorado:
Versatile, smart and athletic. Awuzie isn’t flashy but he’s reliable and will probably end up a coach or player rep one day.
NFL Comp. Eric Wright

30. Pittsburgh Steelers - Deshaun Watson* |QB| Clemson:
Big Ben flirting with hanging them up soon seems more realistic than just typical off season talk. Watson has shown every trait you want in a franchise QB except processing things rapidly on the field. Kind of important. If he can transition effectively to making full read progressions and reading more complex defenses, he’s easily a long term franchise QB.

NFL Comp. unentitled, sturdier Robert Griffin

31. Atlanta Falcons - Chris Wormley |DT| Michigan:
Wormley’s quietly put together a strong post season. He's stood out at senior week practices and his pro day. He's what the Falcons want Hageman to be. He can play the 5 and hold up vs the run while also helping out the pass rush.
NFL Comp. bigger Matt Shaughnessy

32. New Orleans Saints - Corey Davis |WR| W. Michigan:
The Bronco All American is atop some WR boards. But I’m not sure just how explosive he really is and due to his injury no one will really know for sure until he actually steps on the field. But his production, work ethic and character should intrigue.
NFL Comp. Allen Hurns


33. Cleveland Browns - Evan Engram*|TE| Mississippi:
Njoku’s likely going higher but really the only thing he has over Engram is sheer size. Engram’s a big, fast WR in a TE body that’s clutch and likes to block. Browns badly need a skill position playmaker after losing Terrelle Pryor.
NFL Comp. Dustin Keller

34. San Francisco 49ers - John Ross |WR| Washington:
Ross is explosive but fragile. Too often last season Ty Hill was the only legit threat to opposing secondaries. Shanahan probably utilizes downfield shots more than any other coordinator in the league.
NFL Comp. DeSean Jackson

35. Jacksonville Jaguars - Dion Dawkins |OG| Temple:
Toughness is the brand in Jacksonville now and the best way to resurrect their offense is a dominant run game. Dawkins can fire out with power and should be an identity changer.
NFL Comp. Jeff Allen

36. Chicago Bears - Tre Davious White |CB| LSU:
White is a fairly solid, all around DB who's progressed at LSU and should be prepared to start straight away as a rookie. Also contributes in the return game.
NFL Comp. Dominique Franks

37. LA Rams - Zay Jones |WR| E. Carolina:
Rams start over and have multiple needs including a #1 WR. Jones was an FBS record setter and dominated senior week. He's an infectious, complete football player that should make a squad better.
NFL Comp. Joe Horn

38. LA Chargers - Dorian Johnson |OG| Pitt:
Johnson fills a significant need and helps protect the ripening franchise QB
NFL Comp. Jon Asamoah

39. New York Jets - Pat Elflein |OC| OSU:
Quietly a brute of a run blocker and holds his own in protection. Starts yesterday.
NFL Comp. Eric Wood

40. Carolina Panthers - Taco Charlton |DE| Michigan:
Length, size and fluidity for days but wasn’t a particularly impactful guy at Michigan. I think he's ultimately a better fit at 5T then 43 edge.
NFL Comp Kony Ealy

41. TRADE Jacksonville Jaguars (CIN) - Dalvin Cook* |RB| Florida St:
Cook's pure speed, durability, balance, and hands make him special despite being on the smaller size. Past character concerns, a mediocre combine and injury history raise flags but he's still a coveted playmaker to many.
NFL Comp. Lamar Miller

42. TRADE New England Patriots (NO) - Adoree Jackson*|CB| USC:
Patriots trade Malcolm Butler to the Saints in exchange for the Saints’ 2017’ and 2018 2nd round picks in this scenario. While the Saints fill a substantial hole with a pro bowl caliber CB in his prime. Nickel playmaker boosts the return game and adds a dangerous gadget threat on offense for BB. Competes for a start outside or in the slot.
NFL Comp Leodis McKelvin

43. Philadelphia Eagles - Zach Cunningham*|LB| Vanderbilt:
Cunningham closes aggressively to the ball carrier all over the field. Not as adept in coverage but it's not for lack of tools.
NFL Comp. slower Ryan Shazier

44. Buffalo Bills - Marcus Maye |S| Florida:

I’ve read rumors that Maye could go a lot higher than expected. I think he’s a stop you in your tracks tackler with solid mobility and coverage ability. He’s a plug and play guy and the Bills need a physical starting safety.
NFL Comp. Quentin Demps

45. Arizona Cardinals - Budda Baker |DB| Washington:
Almost a Mattheu clone but doesn’t make near as many plays. Projects as the top nickel /slot defender in this class.
NFL Comp Mike Adams

46. Minnesota Vikings - Taylor Moton |OT/OG| W. Michigan:
Moton appears like a plug and play guy somewhere along an OL.
NFL Comp. Roger Saffold

47. Baltimore Ravens - Juju Smith Schuster* |WR| USC:
A lot of upside but atm Schuster can be out quicked in his routes, beaten to the catch point in the air, and run down.
NFL Comp. Chris Harper (Kansas St)

48. Indianapolis Colts - Raekwon McMillan*|LB| Ohio St:
Mcmillian was overlooked this draft season until testing better than anticipated at the combine. He’s a steady guy that can run, fill lanes, and hang in coverage. Little flash but plenty of reliability. I’d wager the Colts would trade up for him if necessary.
NFL Comp. Stephen Tulloch

49. Washington Redskins - Alvin Kamara*|RB| Tennessee:
Kamara's a 3rd down change of pace back that has enough size that some see him as a 3 down starter. Basically a bigger, more reliable Chris Thompson.
NFL Comp. Brandon Bolden

50. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Obi Melifonwu |S/CB| UConn:
UConn’s starting to get a rep for producing better athletes than football players. Obi fits that bill atm. Teams banking on his upside might take him high but I think his film says he should go later. I think he's actually a better CB prospect than safety.
NFL Comp: Tebucky Jones/Antonio Cromartie

51. Denver Broncos - Anthony Garcia |OT| Troy:
I think it would be prudent for the Broncos to go back to back OTs if the talent and value are there. Athletic with a devastating punch and plenty of ferocity, but lean, lacks anchor strength and overall polish. He's a high upside developmental project.
NFL Comp. poor man’s D’brickashaw Ferguson

52. Cleveland Browns - Joe Mixon** |RB| Oklahoma:
There's probably not a better city in the league that would embrace an impressively talented RB with a domestic abuse past then Cleveland…. ...awkward. Crowell is a decent RB but pretty ordinary and the team is reportedly looking to upgrade.
NFL Comp: Latavius Murray

53. Detroit Lions - Fabian Moreau |CB| UCLA:
Lions lack an outside counter for Slay.
NFL Comp. Jamar Taylor

54. Miami Dolphins - Dan Feeney |OG| Indiana:
He's boring... but he’s a plug and play guy, good run blocker and the Dolphins are reportedly looking for interior OL early.
NFL Comp Matt Slauson

55. NY Giants - Tyus Bowser |DE| Houston:
Bowser's a superior athlete barely scratching the surface.
NFL Comp.

56. Oakland Raiders - Montravius Adams |DT| Auburn:
Oakland should be looking for defensive interior playmakers early and often. Which one is anyone’s guess but Adams is a bit of a freak for his size and should add sand as he ages.
NFL Comp. Nick Fairley

57. Houston Texans - Davis Webb |QB| California:
Webb’s skillset and temperament seems like a really solid fit for O’Brien to me.
NFL Comp. athletic Nick Foles

58. Kansas City Chiefs - Cooper Kupp |WR| E. Washington:

Maclin is like 50, Conley’s mediocre and Wilson is up after this year. Kupp was the star of senior week practices and gives them another reliable playmaker on offense.
NFL Comp. Brian Hartline

59. Seattle Seahawks - Quincy Wilson*|CB| Florida:
Wilson’s a 1st round CB in almost any other draft.
NFL Comp. Jimmy Smith

60. Dallas Cowboys - Damonte Kazee |CB| San Diego St.
Kazee seems an ideal fit for a zone scheme but he showed versatility senior week by dominating in press. He's grabby however and he'll get flagged early and often until he adjusts.
NFL Comp. Alterraun Verner

61. Green Bay Packers - Ahkello Witherspoon |CB| Colorado:
Witherspoon’s a great matchup for the bigger WRs and the deep threats but he won’t help in the run game right away.
NFL Comp. softer Dominique Rodgers Cromartie

62. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jordan Willis |OLB| Kansas St:
James Harrison’s a freak of nature but that battery is bulging and the Steelers need young incumbents.
NFL Comp. Cassius Marsh

63. Atlanta Falcons - Carl Lawson |DE| Auburn:
Lawson’s not my favorite prospect but he’s a forever motor guy that will help as a reserve pass rusher.
NFL Comp. Wallace Gillberry

64. Carolina Panthers (NE) - Tanoh Kpassangnon |DE/DT| Villanova:
Tanoh carries a ton of upside and the Panthers need to start rebooting upfront.
NFL Comp. raw Calais Campbell


65. Cleveland Browns - Jaleel Johnson |DT| Iowa:
NFL Comp. Brandon Mebane

66. San Francisco 49ers - Deshone Kizer**|QB| Notre Dame:
Kizer possesses great tools but his inconsistency and shrinking at crucial moments last season reminded me a little of E.J. Manuel. His personality during this draft season has come off highly scripted and self absorbed as well. He flashed enough as a sophomore to figure he can be coached up into a functional starter but that may be his ceiling.
NFL Comp. Jason Campbell

67. Chicago Bears - Gerald Everett |TE| S. Alabama:
NFL Comp. Aaron Hernandez

68. Jacksonville Jaguars - Adam Sheehan |TE| Ashland:
NFL Comp. bigger Jack Doyle

69. LA Rams - Issac Asiata |OG| Utah:
NFL Comp. Jeremy Zuttah

70. New York Jets - Desmond King |CB/S| Iowa:
NFL Comp. Eugene Wilson

71. LA Chargers - Josh Jones |S| NC State:
NFL Comp. Aaron Williams

72. New England Patriots - Carlos Watkins |DT| Clemson:
NFL Comp. Pat Sims

73. Cincinnati Bengals - Tarell Bashem |DE| Ohio:
NFL Comp.

74. Baltimore Ravens -  Julie'n Davenport |OT| Bucknell:
Davenport's got prototype measurables and carries himself like a vet but needs development.
NFL Comp.

75. Buffalo Bills - Kareem Hunt |RB| Toledo:
NFL Comp Duce Staley

76. New Orleans Saints - David Sharpe |OT| Florida:
NFL Comp.

77. Arizona Cardinals - Dalvin Tomlinson |DT| Alabama:
NFL Comp. Rodney Gunter

78. Baltimore Ravens - Ethan Pocic |OC| LSU:
NFL Comp poor man's Max Unger

79. Minnesota Vikings - Larry Ogunjobi |DT| North Carolina AT:
NFL Comp. Sen Derrick Marks

80. Indianapolis Colts - Derek Rivers |DE/OLB| Youngstown St:
NFL Comp.

81. Washington Redskins - Tim Williams |OLB/DE| Alabama:
NFL Comp Lorenzo Mauldin

82. Denver Broncos - Jamaal Williams |RB| BYU:
NFL Comp Chris Ivory


83. Tennessee Titans - Carlos Henderson |WR| LA Tech.
NFL Comp.

84. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Samaje Perine*|RB| Oklahoma:
NFL Comp. Alfred Blue

85. Detroit Lions - D’onta Foreman* |RB| Texas:[/b]
Foreman's size/speed combo will have him drafted high. He'll be a load for opponents if he lands with a good run blocking team. If not…. he's not adept at creating his own yards.
NFL Comp Jonathan Dwyer

86. Minnesota Vikings - Duke Riley |OLB| LSU:
NFL Comp.

87. NY Giants - Demarcus Walker |DT| Florida St:
NFL Comp Darryl Tapp

88. Oakland Raiders - Alex Anzalone*|LB| Florida:
NFL Comp. Kiko Alonzo

89. Houston Texans - Rod Johnson |OT| Florida St:
NFL Comp. Matt McCants

90. Seattle Seahawks - Carroll Phillips |LB| Illinois:
NFL Comp. poor man’s Jamie Collins

91. Kansas City Chiefs - Sidney Jones |CB| Washington:
NFL Comp. 100 he’s Darius Slay

92. Dallas Cowboys - Marlon Mack*|RB| South Florida:
NFL Comp Demarco Murray

93. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jeremy McNichols |RB| Boise St:
NFL Comp. Mewelde Moore

94. Green Bay Packers - Jermaine Eluemanor |OG| Texas A&M:
NFL Comp

95. Atlanta Falcons - Justin Evans*|S| Texas A&M:
NFL Comp Charles Godfrey

96. New England Patriots - Josh Reynolds |WR| Texas A&M:
NFL Comp. Justin McCareins

*97. Miami Dolphins - Nathan Peterman |QB| Pittsburgh:
NFL Comp. Christian Ponder

*98. Carolina Panthers - Trey Hendrickson |DE/OLB| Florida Atlantic:
NFL Comp.

*99. Philadelphia Eagles - Teez Tabor*|CB| Florida:

NFL Comp. Asante Samuel

*100. Tennessee Titans - Rasul Douglas |CB/S| West.Virginia:
NFL Comp. Robert Golden

*101. Denver Broncos - Curtis Samuel* |RB| Ohio St:
NFL Comp Taiwan Jones

*102. Seattle Seahawks - Shaquille Griffin |CB| UCF:
NFL Comp. Blidi Wreh-Wilson

*103. New Orleans Saints - Corn Elder |CB| Miami:
NFL Comp. Ross Cockrell

*104. Kansas City Chiefs - Trey Hendrickson |DE/OLB| Florida Atlantic:
NFL Comp.

*105. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jourdan Lewis |CB| Michigan:
NFL Comp. shorter A.J. Buyou

*106. Seattle Seahawks - Donnel Pumphrey |RB| San Diego St:
NFL Comp. Charlie Garner

*107. New York Jets - Jonnu Smith |TE| FIU:
NFL Comp. Dustin Keller


108. Cleveland Browns - Rayshawn Jenkins |S| Miami:
NFL Comp. faster Will Hill

109. San Francisco 49ers - Ryan Anderson |LB| Alabama:
NFL Comp. Parys Haralson

110. Jacksonville Jaguars - Elijah Lee |LB| Kansas State:
NFL Comp.

111. Chicago Bears - Gareon Conley*|CB| OSU:[/b]
Impossible to tell where Conley’s stock will land. I don’t think it’ll be quite a La’el Collins fall but he’ll certainly be knocked for terrible judgement and a charge hanging over his head. He’s a plug and play CB. He's not as fast and doesn't jump as high as his teammate but he’s twitchy athletic, and has been a more consistent, durable playmaker.
NFL Comp. Stephon Gilmore

112. LA Rams - Tyler Orlosky |OC| West Virginia:
NFL Comp.

113. LA Chargers - Tarik Cohen |RB| North Carolina A&T
NFL Comp. Garrett Wolfe

114. Washington Redskins - Daeshon Hall |DE/OLB| Texas A&M:
NFL Comp. Armonty Bryant

115. Carolina Panthers - Taywan Taylor |WR| W. Kentucky:
NFL Comp. Robert Woods

116. Cincinnati Bengals - Chris Godwin |WR| Penn St:
NFL Comp. Chris Conley

117. Chicago Bears - Sean McDermott |OT| UCLA:
NFL Comp

118. Philadelphia Eagles - Bucky Hodges |TE| Virginia Tech:
NFL Comp. Jermichael Finley

119. Arizona Cardinals - Elijah Qualls*|DT| Washington:
NFL Comp

120. Minnesota Vikings - Jordan Leggett |TE| Clemson:
NFL Comp Mike Hoomanawanui

121. Indianapolis Colts - Will Holden |OT| Vanderbilt
NFL Comp.

122. Baltimore Ravens - Tedric Thompson |S| Colorado:
NFL Comp. Rodney McCleod

123. Washington Redskins - Jessamon Dunker |OG| Tennessee St
NFL Comp

124. Tennessee Titans - Ryan Switzer |WR| North Carolina:
NFL Comp. Cole Beasley

125. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Michael Roberts |TE| Toledo:
NFL Comp. Austin Seferian Jenkins

126. Denver Broncos - Chad Williams |WR| Grambling
NFL Comp. Jordan Matthews

127. Detroit Lions - Kendall Beckwith |LB| LSU:
NFL comp Mychal Kendricks

128. Minnesota Vikings - Ardarius Stewart |WR| Alabama:
NFL Comp. Louis Murphy

129. Oakland Raiders - Brian Hill |RB| Wyoming:
NFL Comp. Toby Gerhart

130. Houston Texans - Steve Tuikolovatu |DT| USC:
NFL Comp.

131. New England Patriots - Scott Orndoff |TE| Pittsburgh:
NFL Comp. Anthony Fasano

132. Kansas City Chiefs - Jordan Evans |LB| Oklahoma:
NFL Comp. skinny K.J. Wright

133. Dallas Cowboys - Eddie Vanderdoes |DT| UCLA:
NFL Comp.

134. Green Bay Packers - Jake Butt |TE|Michigan:
NFL Comp. Brent Celek

135. Pittsburgh Steelers - John Johnson |S| Boston College:
NFL Comp. Tashaun Gipson

136. Atlanta Falcons - Danny Isidora |OG| Miami:
NFL Comp

137. Indianapolis Colts - Anthony Walker |LB| Northwestern:
NFL Comp.

138. Cincinnati Bengals - Zane Gonzalez |K| Arizona St
NFL Comp.

139. Philadelphia Eagles - Amara Darboh |WR| Michigan;
NFL Comp Pierre Garcon

140. NY Giants - Adam Bisnotawy |OT| Pittsburgh:
NFL Comp. Austin Pasztor

141. LA Rams - Delano Hill |S| Michigan:
NFL Comp.
142. Houston Texans - Vince Beigel |LB| Wisconsin:
Beigel was outshined by Watt this past season but he dealt with a broken foot part of the way. At 100 Beigel’s pound for pound one of the toughest 34 rushers in this class. He routinely sets the edge vs the run and has enough quickness and motor to factor as a pass rusher.
NFL Comp. Erik Walden
143. San Francisco 49ers - Amba Etta Tawo |WR| Syracuse:
NFL Comp Torrey Smith
144. Indianapolis Colts - Elijah Hood |RB| North Carolina:
NFL Comp. Michael Bush


145. Cleveland Browns - Montae Nicholson*|S| Michigan St:
NFL Comp. T.J. McDonald
146. San Francisco 49ers - Xavier Woods |S| LA Tech.
NFL Comp. Jemea Thomas
147. Chicago Bears -  C.J. Beathard |QB| Iowa:
NFL Comp. Tom Savage

148. Jacksonville Jaguars - Brian Allen |CB| Utah:
NFL Comp.   

149. LA Rams - Cam Sutton |CB| Tennessee:
NFL Comp
150. NY Jets - Jarvarius Seamon |OT| South Carolina St:
NFL Comp. Chris Hairston
151. LA Chargers - Charles Walker*|DT| Oklahoma:
NFL Comp
152. Carolina Panthers - Nico Siragusa |OG| San Diego St
NFL Comp.
153. TRADE New York Jets (CIN) - Joe Williams |RB| Utah:
Bengals trade their 5th round pick to the Jets for Sheldon Richardson.
NFL Comp. Bryce Brown
154. Washington Redskins - Adam Bisnotawy |OT| Pittsburgh:
NFL Comp. Austin Pasztor
155. Philadelphia Eagles - James Connor |RB| Pittsburgh:
NFL Comp. Matt Asiata

156. Buffalo Bills - Cordrea Tankersley |DB| Clemson:
NFL Comp. Josh Shaw


157. Arizona Cardinals - Josh Malone |WR Tennessee:
NFL Comp.

158. Indianapolis Colts - George Kittle |TE| Iowa:
NFL Comp.
159. Baltimore Ravens - Blair Brown |LB| Ohio
NFL Comp.
160. Minnesota Vikings - Damien Mama** |OG| USC:
NFL Comp fatter Mike Iupati   

161. San Francisco 49ers - Wayne Gallman |RB| Clemson:
NFL Comp. Chris Ogbonnaya
162. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Dede Westbrook |WR| Oklahoma:
NFL Comp
163. New England Patriots - Nate Hairston |CB| Temple:
NFL Comp.
164. Tennessee Titans - Brendon Langley |CB| Lamar
NFL Comp.
165. Detroit Lions - Jarron Jones |DT| Notre Dame:
NFL Comp

166. Miami Dolphins - Ryan Glasgow |DT| Michigan:
NFL Comp. Jamie Meder
167. NY Giants - Jayon Brown |LB| UCLA: NFL Comp.
NFL Comp.   
168. Oakland Raiders - Marquez White |CB| Florida St:
NFL Comp.
169. Houston Texans - Hunter Dimick |DE| Utah
NFL Comp.
170. Kansas City Chiefs - Jeremy Sprinkle |TE| Arkansas:
NFL Comp. Alex Smith
171. Buffalo Bills - Tyrone Swoopes |TE| Texas:
NFL Comp.
172. Green Bay Packers - Chad Hansen |WR| California:
NFL Comp. Jaron Brown   

173. Pittsburgh Steelers - Vince Taylor |DT| Oklahoma St:
NFL Comp.
174. Atlanta Falcons - Sam Rogers |FB| Virginia Tech
NFL Comp. Kyle Juszcyk
175. Cleveland Browns - Rodney Adams |WR| USF:
NFL Comp. Emmanuel Sanders
176. Cincinnati Bengals - Issac Rochelle |DE| Notre Dame:
NFL Comp. Billy Winn
177. Denver Broncos - Aarion Penton |CB| Missouri:
NFL Comp.
178. Miami Dolphins - Josh Morgan |OG| Kutztown:
NFL Comp.
179. Arizona Cardinals - Jay Guillermo |OC| Clemson:
NFL Comp.

180. Kansas City Chiefs - Joshua Dobbs |QB| Tennessee:
NFL Comp. Dennis Dixon
181. Cleveland Browns - Des Lawrence |CB| North Carolina:
NFL Comp. Logan Ryan
182. Green Bay Packers - Ejuan Price |OLB| Pittsburgh:
NFL Comp. Darius Fleming
183. New England Patriots -Naz Jones |DT| North Carolina:
NFL Comp.
184. Miami Dolphins - Jayon Brown |LB| UCLA:
NFL Comp.


185. Cleveland Browns - Chunky Clements |DT| Illinois:
NFL Comp. Tom Johnson
186. Baltimore Ravens - Erik Magnuson |OL| Michigan:
NFL Comp.
187. Jacksonville Jaguars - Trent Taylor |WR| Louisiana Tech:
NFL Comp. Mike Campanaro
188. Cleveland Browns - Storm Norton |OT| Toledo:
NFL Comp.
189. LA Rams - Malachi Dupree |WR| LSU:
NFL Comp. Devier Posey
190. LA Chargers - Jerod Evans |QB| Virginia Tech:
NFL Comp. poor man’s Cam Newton
191. NY Jets - Ben Gedeon |LB| Michigan:
NFL Comp.
192. Carolina Panthers - Howard Wilson |CB| Houston:
NFL Comp.

193. Cincinnati Bengals - Tanzel Smart |DT| Tulane
NFL Comp.
194. Philadelphia Eagles - Rod Henderson |DT| Alabama St
NFL Comp.
195. Buffalo Bills - T.J. Logan |RB| North Carolina:
NFL Comp.
196. New Orleans Saints - Dante Barnett |S| Kansas St:
NFL Comp. Patrick Chung
197. Arizona Cardinals - Corey Clement |RB| Wisconsin:
NFL Comp. Andre Williams
198. San Francisco 49ers - Aviante Collins |OG| TCU
NFL Comp.
199. Minnesota Vikings - Ishmael Zamora |WR| Baylor:
NFL Comp.
200. New England Patriots - Dawuane Smoot |DE/OLB| Illinois:
NFL Comp. Jonathan Newsome
201. Washington Redskins - K.D. Cannon |WR| Baylor:
NFL Comp.
202. San Francisco 49ers - Channing Stribling |CB| Michigan:
NFL Comp.

203. Denver Broncos - Nate Gerry |S| Nebraska:
NFL Comp.
204. Tampa Bay Buccaneers  - Keonte Davis |DE| Chattonoga:
NFL Comp   
205. Detroit Lions - Shelton Gibson |WR| West Virginia:
NFL Comp.
206. LA Rams - Eric Saubert |TE| Drake
NFL Comp.
207. NY Giants - Noah Brown |WR| Ohio State:
NFL Comp.
208. Oakland Raiders - Ben Boulware |LB| Clemson:
NFL Comp.
209. Washington Redskins - Jylan Ware |OT| Alabama St
NFL Comp.
210. Seattle Seahawks - Brad Kaaya |QB| Miami:
NFL Comp. Ricky Stanzi
211. Dallas Cowboys - Mack Hollins |WR| North Carolina:
NFL Comp.
212. Green Bay Packers - Jalen Reeves-Maybin |LB| Tennessee:
NFL Comp. longer Sean Spence
213. Pittsburgh Steelers - Tanner Vallejo |LB| Boise St
NFL Comp.
214. Tennessee Titans - Deatrich Wise |DE| Arkansas:
NFL Comp. Lawrence Guy
215. Detroit Lions - Cameron Tom |OT| Southern Miss
NFL Comp.
216. Kansas City Chiefs - Aaron Jones |RB| UTEP:

NFL Comp.

217. Cincinnati Bengals -Samson Ekuban |DE| Eastern Washington
NFL Comp.
218. Kansas City Chiefs - DeAngelo Brown |DT| Louisville
NFL Comp.


219. San Francisco 49ers - Grover Stewart |DT| Albany St

NFL Comp.
220. Washington Redskins - Brandon Wilson |DB/RB| Houston:
NFL Comp.
221. Chicago Bears - Dylan Donohue |LB| West Georgia
NFL Comp.
222. Jacksonville Jaguars -Rudy Ford |S/CB| Auburn:
NFL Comp.
223. Miami Dolphins - David Jones |S| Richmond:
NFL Comp.
224. NY Jets - Connor Harris |LB| Lindenwood
NFL Comp.
225. LA Chargers - Isaiah Ford |WR| Virginia Tech:
NFL Comp.
226. Seattle Seahawks - Kai Nukua |S| BYU:
NFL Comp. Duke Williams
227. Cincinnati Bengals - Josh Harvey - Clemons |S| Louisville:
NFL Comp.
228. Dallas Cowboys - Cethan Carter |TE| Nebraska:
NFL Comp. Lance Kendricks
229. New Orleans Saints - Darrell Williams Jr |OT| Western Kentucky:
NFL Comp.
230. Philadelphia Eagles - Jehu Chesson |WR| Michigan:
NFL Comp.
231. Arizona Cardinals - Pita Taumoepenu |OLB| Utah:
NFL Comp.
*232. Minnesota Vikings - Davon Godchaux* |DT| LSU:
NFL Comp   

*233. Carolina Panthers - Ben Braden |OL| Michigan:
NFL Comp.
234. LA Rams - DeAngelo Henderson |RB| Coastal Carolina:
NFL Comp.
235. Washington Redskins - Ty Jarrett |DT| Pittsburgh:
NFL Comp.
236. Tennessee Titans - Keon Adams |OLB| Western Michigan
NFL Comp.
237. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Eric Wilson |LB| Cincinnati:
NFL Comp.
238. Denver Broncos - D.J. Jones |DT| Mississippi:
NFL Comp.
239. New England Patriots - Kenny Golladay |WR| Northern Illinois:
NFL Comp.
240. Miami Dolphins - Jeremiah Ledbetter |DE| Arkansas
NFL Comp.
241. NY Giants - Chase Allen |LB| Southern Illinois
NFL Comp.
242. Oakland Raiders - Fred Ross |WR| Mississippi St:
NFL Comp
243. Houston Texans - Matt Dayes |RB| NC State:
NFL Comp.
244. Oakland Raiders - Eddie Jackson |S| Alabama:
NFL Comp.
245. Kansas City Chiefs - Kyle Fuller |OC| Baylor:
NFL Comp.
246. Dallas Cowboys - Alek Torgersen |QB| Penn
NFL Comp.
247. Green Bay Packers - Darrell Daniels |TE| Washington
NFL Comp.
248. Pittsburgh Steelers - Ben Barnes |TE| Alabama St
NFL Comp.
249. Atlanta Falcons - Lorenzo Jerome |S| St Francis
NFL Comp.
250. Detroit Lions - DeAngelo Yancy |WR| Purdue
NFL Comp.
251. Cincinnati Bengals - Jake Eldrenkamp |OG| Washington:
NFL Comp.
252. Denver Broncos - Jalen Myrick |CB| Minnesota:
NFL Comp.

253. Denver Broncos - Taylor McNamara |TE| USC
NFL Comp.

Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Round 7



New England Patriots
2. (42) Adoree Jackson*|CB| USC
3. (72) Carlos Watkins |DT| Clemson:
3. (96) Josh Reynolds |WR| Texas A&M:
4. (131) Scott Orndoff |TE| Pittsburgh:
5. (163) Nate Hairston |CB| Temple:
5. (183 Naz Jones |DT| North Carolina:
6. (200) Dawuane Smoot |DE/OLB| Illinois:
7. (239) Kenny Golladay |WR| Northern Illinois

Miami Dolphins
1. (22) Takkarist McKinley |DE/OLB| UCLA:
2. (54) Dan Feeney |OG| Indiana
3. (97) Nathan Peterman |QB| Pittsburgh:
5. (166) Ryan Glasgow |DT| Michigan:
5. (178 Josh Morgan |OG| Kutztown:
5. (184 Caleb Brantley |DT| Florida:
7. (223) David Jones |S| Richmond:
7. (240) Jeremiah Ledbetter |DE| Arkansas

Buffalo Bills
1. (10) Mike Williams*|WR| Clemson
2. (44) Marcus Maye |S| Florida
3. (75). Kareem Hunt |RB| Toledo
5. (156) Cordrea Tankersley |CB| Clemson:
5. (171) Tyrone Swoopes |TE| Texas
6. (195) T.J. Logan |RB| North Carolina:

New York Jets
1. (6) Mitch Trubisky* |QB| UNC:
2. (39) Pat Elflein |OC| OSU
3. (70) Desmond King |CB/S| Iowa:
3. (107) Jonnu Smith |TE| FIU
5. (150) Jarvarius Seamon |OT| South Carolina St:
5. (153) Joe Williams |RB| Utah:
6. (191) Ben Gedeon |LB| Michigan
7. (224) Connor Harris |LB| Lindenwood


Pittsburgh Steelers
1. (30) Deshaun Watson* |QB| Clemson:
2. (62) Jordan Willis |OLB| Kansas St:
3. (93) Jeremy McNichols |RB| Boise St:
4. (135) John Johnson |S| Boston College:
5. (173) Vince Taylor |DT| Oklahoma St:
6. (213) Tanner Vallejo |LB| Boise St
7. (248 Ben Barnes |TE| Alabama St

Baltimore Ravens
1. (16) Derek Barnett |DE/OLB| Tennessee:
2. (47) Juju Smith Schuster* |WR| USC:
3. (74) Julie'n Davenport |OT| Bucknell:
3. (78 Ethan Pocic |OC| LSU:
4. (122) Tedric Thompson |S| Colorado:
5. (159) Blair Brown |LB| Ohio
6.(186 Erik Magnuson |OL| Michigan:

Cincinnati Bengals
1. (4) Len Fournette*|RB| LSU:
3. (73) Tarell Bashem |DE| Ohio:
4. (116) Chris Godwin |WR| Penn St:
4. (138 Zane Gonzalez |K| Arizona St
5. (176) Issac Rochelle |DT| Notre Dame
6. TRADE Sheldon Richardson |DE|
6. (193) Tanzel Smart |DT| Tulane
6. (218 Samson Ekuban |OLB| Eastern Washington
7. (227) Josh Harvey Clemons |S| Louisville:
7. (251) Jake Eldrenkamp |OG| Washington:

​Cleveland Browns
1. (1) Myles Garrett* |DE| Texas A&M:
1. (12) Patrick Mahomes* |QB| Texas Tech:
2. (33) Evan Engram*|TE| Mississippi:
2. (52) Joe Mixon** |RB| Oklahoma:
3. (65) Jaleel Johnson |DT| Iowa:
4. (108 Rayshawn Jenkins |S| Miami:
5. (145) Montae Nicholson*|S| Michigan St:
5. (175) Rodney Adams |WR| USF:
5. (181 Des Lawrence |CB| North Carolina:
6. (185 Chunky Clements |DT| Illinois:
6. (188 Storm Norton |OT| Toledo:


Tennessee Titans
1 (5) O.J. Howard |TE| Alabama:
1 (18 Reuben Foster |LB| Alabama
3. 83) Carlos Henderson |WR| LA Tech.
3. (100) Rasul Douglas |CB/S| West.Virginia:
4. (124) Ryan Switzer |WR| North Carolina:
5. (165) Brendon Langley |CB| Lamar
6. (214) Deatrich Wise |DE| Arkansas:
7. (236) Keon Adams |OLB| W. Michigan

Houston Texans
1 (25) T.J. Watt |OLB| Wisconsin:
2. (57) Davis Webb |QB| California:
3. 89) Rod Johnson |OT| Florida St:
4. (130) Steve Tuikolovatu |DT| USC
4. (142) Vince Beigel |LB| Wisconsin:
5. (169) Hunter Dimick |DE| Utah
7. (243) Matt Dayes |RB| NC State:

Indianapolis Colts
1. (15) Kenny King |CB| Washington:
2. (48 Raekwon McMillan*|LB| Ohio St:
3. 80) Derek Rivers |DE/OLB| Youngstown St:
4. (121) Will Holden |OT| Vanderbilt
4. (144) Anthony Walker |LB| Northwestern:
5. (158 George Kittle |TE| Iowa:

Jacksonville Jaguars
1. (9) Garett Bolles |OT/G| Utah:
2. (35) Dion Dawkins |OG/T| Temple:
2. (41) Dalvin Cook* |RB| Florida St:
3. (68 Adam Sheehan |TE| Ashland:
4. (110) Elijah Lee |LB| Kansas State:
5. (148 Brian Allen |CB| Utah:
6. (187 Trent Taylor |WR| Louisiana Tech:
7. (222) Rudy Ford |S| Auburn:


Oakland Raiders
1 (24) Marlon Humphrey**|CB| Alabama:
2. (56) Montravius Adams |DT| Auburn:
3. (88 Alex Anzalone*|LB| Florida:
4. (129) Brian Hill |RB| Wyoming
5. (168 Marquez White |CB/S| Florida St:
6. (208 Ben Boulware |LB| Clemson:
7. (244) Fred Ross |WR| Mississippi St:

Kansas City Chiefs
1. (27) Jarrad Davis |LB| Florida
2. (58 Cooper Kupp |WR| E. Washington
3. (91) Sidney Jones |CB| Washington:
3. (104) Trey Hendrickson |DE/OLB| Florida Atlantic
4. (132) Jordan Evans |LB| Oklahoma:
5. (170) Jeremy Sprinkle |TE| Arkansas:
5. (180 Joshua Dobbs |QB| Tennessee:
6. (216) Aaron Jones |RB| UTEP
6. (218 DeAngelo Brown |DT| Louisville
7. (245) Kyle Fuller |OC| Baylor:

Denver Broncos
1. (20) Cam Robinson*|OT| Alabama:
2. (51) Anthony Garcia |OT| Troy:
3. 82) Jamaal Williams |RB| BYU:
3. (101) Curtis Samuel* |WR/RB| Ohio St:
4. (126) Chad Williams |WR| Grambling
5. (177) Aarion Penton |CB| Missouri::
6. (203) Nate Gerry |S| Nebraska:
7. (238 D.J. Jones |DT| Mississippi:
7. (252) Jalen Myrick |CB| Minnesota
7. (253) Taylor McNamara |TE| USC

Los Angeles Chargers
1. (7) Jonathan Allen |DE| Alabama
2. (3 Dorian Johnson |OG| Indiana
3. (71) Josh Jones |S| NC State
4. (113) Tarik Cohen |RB| North Carolina A&
5. (151) Charles Walker*|DT| Oklahoma:
6. (190) Jerod Evans |QB| Virginia Tech:
7. (225) Isaiah Ford |WR| Virginia Tech:


Dallas Cowboys
1. (28 Jabrill Peppers*|S| Michigan:
2. (60) Damonte Kazee |CB| San Diego St.
3. (92) Marlon Mack*|RB| South Florida:
4. (133) Eddie Vanderdoes |DT| UCLA:
6. (211) Mack Hollins |WR| North Carolina:
7. (228) Cethan Carter |TE| Nebraska:
7. (246) Alek Torgersen |QB| Penn

New York Giants
1. (23) David Njoku*|TE| Miami
2. (55) Tyus Bowser |DE| Houston:
3. (87) Demarcus Walker |DT| Florida St:
4. (140) Adam Bisnotawy |OT| Pittsburgh:
5. (167) Jayon Brown |LB| UCLA
6. (207) Noah Brown |WR| Ohio State
7. (241) Chase Allen |LB| Southern Illinois

Philadelphia Eagles
1. (14) Marshon Lattimore**|CB| OSU:
2. (43) Zach Cunningham*|LB| Vanderbilt:
3. (99) Teez Tabor*|CB| Florida:
4. (118) Bucky Hodges |TE| Virginia Tech:
4. (118) Amara Darboh |WR| Michigan
5. (155) James Connor |RB| Pittsburgh:
6. (194) Rod Henderson |DT| Alabama St
7. (230) Jehu Chesson |WR| Michigan:

Washington Redskins
1. (17) Malik McDowell*|DT| Michigan St:
2. (50) Alvin Kamara*|RB| Tennessee
3. (81) Tim Williams |OLB/DE| Alabama:
4. (114) Daeshon Hall |DE| Texas A&M:
5. (123) Jessamon Dunker |OG| Tennessee St
6. 154) Sam Tevi |OT| Utah:
6. (209) K.D. Cannon |WR| Baylor:
7. (220) Brandon Wilson |RB| Houston:
7. (235) Tyrique Jarrett |DT| Pittsburgh:


Detroit Lions
1. (21) Charles Harris* |DE| Missouri:
2. (53) Fabian Moreau |CB| UCLA
3. (85) Donta Foreman* |RB| Texas:
4. (127) Kendall Beckwith |LB| LSU
5. (165) Jarron Jones |DT| Notre Dame:
6. (205) Shelton Gibson |WR| West Virginia:
6. (215) Cameron Tom |OC| Southern Miss
7. (250) DeAngelo Yancy |WR| Purdue

Green Bay Packers
1. (29) Chidobe Awuzie |CB| Colorado:
2. (61) Ahkello Witherspoon |CB| Colorado:
3. (94) Jermaine Eluemanor |OG| Texas A&M:
4. (134) Jake Butt |TE|Michigan:
5. (172) Chad Hansen |WR| California:
5. (182) Ejuan Price |OLB| Pittsburgh:
6. (212) Jalen Reeves-Maybin |LB| Tennessee:
7. (247) Darrell Daniels |TE| Washington

Minnesota Vikings
2. (46) Taylor Moton |OT/G| W. Michigan:
3. (79) Larry Ogunjobi |DT| North Carolina AT:
3. (86) Duke Riley |OLB| LSU
4. (120) Jordan Leggett |TE| Clemson:
4. (128) Ardarius Stewart |WR| Alabama:
5. (160) Damien Mama** |OG| USC:
6. (199) Ishmael Zamora |WR| Baylor
7. (232) Davon Godchaux* |DT| LSU:

Chicago Bears
1. (3) Solomon Thomas* |DE| Stanford:
2. (36) Tre Davious White |CB| LSU:
3. (67) Gerald Everett |TE| S. Alabama:
4. (111) Gareon Conley*|CB| OSU:
4. (117) Sean McDermott |OT| UCLA:
5. (147) C.J. Beathard |QB| Iowa
7. (221) Dylan Donahue |LB| West Georgia


Atlanta Falcons
1. (31) Chris Wormley |DT| Michigan:
2. (63) Carl Lawson |DE| Auburn
3. (95) Justin Evans*|S| Texas A&M
4. (136) Danny Isidora |OG| Miami:
5. (174) Sam Rogers |FB| Virginia Tech
7. (249) Lorenzo Jerome |DB| St Francis

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1. (19) Forrest Lamp |OT/OG| W. Kentucky:
2. (50) Obi Melifonwu |S| UConn:
3. (84) Samaje Perine*|RB| Oklahoma:
4. (125) Michael Roberts |TE| Toledo:
5. (162) Dede Westbrook |WR| Oklahoma:
6. (204) Keonte Davis |DE| Chattanooga:
7. (237) Eric Wilson |LB| Cincinnati:

New Orleans Saints
1. (11) Haason Reddick |OLB/DE| Temple:
1. (32) Corey Davis |WR| W. Michigan
2. TRADE Malcolm Butler |CB|
3. (76) David Sharpe |OT| Florida:
3. (103) Corn Elder |CB| Miami:
6. (196) Dante Barnett |S| Kansas St:
7. (229) Darrell Williams Jr |OT| Western Kentucky:

Carolina Panthers
1. (8 Christian McCaffrey*|RB| Stanford:
2. (40) Taco Charlton |DE| Michigan:
2. (64)Tanoh Kpassangnon |DE/DT| Villanova:
3. (98 Marcus Williams |S| Utah:
4. (115) Taywan Taylor |WR| W. Kentucky
5. (152) Nico Siragusa |OG| San Diego St
6. (192) Howard Wilson |CB| Houston
7. (233) Ben Braden |OL| Michigan:


Arizona Cardinals
1. (13) Malik Hooker**|S| OSU
2. (45) Budda Baker |S| Washington:
3. (77) Dalvin Tomlinson |DE| Alabama:
4. (119) Elijah Qualls*|DT| Washington:
5. (157) Josh Malone |WR Tennessee:
5. (179) Jay Guillermo |OC| Clemson:
6. (197) Corey Clement |RB| Wisconsin:
7. (231) Pita Taumoepenu |OLB| Utah:

Seattle Seahawks
1. (26) Ryan Ramcyzk*|OT| Wisconsin:
2. (59) Quincy Wilson*|CB| Florida:
3. (90) Carroll Phillips |LB| Illinois:
3. (102) Shaquille Griffin |CB| UCF:
3. (106) Donnel Pumphrey |RB| San Diego St:
6. (210) Brad Kaaya |QB| Miami:
7. (226) Kai Nukua |S| BYU

San Francisco 49ers
1. (2) Jamal Adams |S| LSU:
2. (34) John Ross |WR| Washington:
3. (66) Deshone Kizer**|QB| Notre Dame:
4. (109) Ryan Anderson |LB| Alabama:
4. (143) Amba Etta Tawo |WR| Syracuse:
5. (146) Xavier Woods |S| LA Tech
5. (161) Wayne Gallman |RB| Clemson:
6. (198 Aviante Collins |OG| TCU
6. (202) Channing Stribling |CB| Michigan:
7. (219) Grover Stewart |DT| Albany St

Los Angeles Rams
2. (37) Zay Jones |WR| E. Carolina
3. (69) Issac Asiata |OG| Utah
4. (112) Tyler Orlosky |OC| West Virginia:
4. (141) Delano Hill |S| Michigan:
5. (149) Cam Sutton |CB| Tennessee
6. (189) Malachi Dupree |WR| LSU
6. (206) Eric Saubert |TE| Drake
7. (234) DeAngelo Henderson |RB| Coastal Carolina:


Team by Team

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