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Son Adam's 2015 NFL Mock Draft


1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jameis Winston, QB Florida State:
Winston is talented and charismatic and should make a strong initial splash but sustaining success might be more difficult.
NFL Comp. Dauntebryon Culpepperleftwich

2. Tennessee Titans – *Amari Cooper, WR Alabama:
Whisenhunt has had more success with traditional drop back passers throughout his coaching career rather than the spread/dual threat passers; hence the selection of Mettenberger last year. I don’t think he’d be especially eager to coach Mariota. And Mettenberger was arguably as good as any rookie QB last season. While they’re trying hard to sell a trade at this pick, if they stay, WR is a more glaring need than DE. And Cooper/Leonard Williams are likely similarly rated prospects. Cooper's route running quickness, size and speed will make him an especially tough cover as a pro.
NFL Comp. bigger Torry Holt

3. Jacksonville Jaguars – Dante Fowler, OLB/DE Florida:
Edge rusher appears to be the top need but which one they’ll prefer is anyone’s guess. Fowler is regarded by many as the top hybrid guy in this class, drawing comparisons to Justin Houston. Leonard Williams is on the board, but after the attention the Jags paid to the interior this off season, he’d be a luxury.
NFL Comp. Erik Walden

4. Oakland Raiders - *Leonard Williams, DE USC:
I’m sure the Raiders would really like to trade down. And a team desperate for a QB, like the Browns or Chargers could indulge, but I’m not convinced Mariota is the kind of guy to sell out for. If they stay put, they’d be all over Leonard. I think Williams, while still a good prospect, is an overrated DE/DT tweener.
NFL Comp. Chris Canty

5. Washington Redskins – Vic Beasley, OLB Clemson:
If it were entirely up to Gruden, I think Mariota would land here, but it’s not. It would be really interesting though, to see them take Mariota, then trade Griffin to a team like the Browns. That would be bizarre. They’ll sell a trade here hard but if they they stay put it’s likely an edge guy. Beasley exploded at the combine and pro day, similar to Von Miller, but I'm not sure he'll see as much success as the Broncos' all pro. He sticks to blocks more and isn't as refined a rusher as Miller coming out.
NFL Comp. poor man's Von Miller

6. New York Jets – Alvin Dupree, LB Kentucky:
Jets should draft Mariota if he's there. Will they? I've read reports that they're not sky high on him, and in truth, his personality does seem fairly anti-NY. I think it's possible they've got a different guy in mind. Dupree's stock is through the roof but he's more a 43 space LB ala’ Jamie Collins, than 34 edge LB; he’s pretty weak at the poa with short arms. I think he'll be a big disappointment if a team tries him at 43 DE. But his versatility is a plus.
NFL Comp. poor man’s Jamie Collins

7. TRADE Cleveland Browns (CHI) – *Marcus Mariota, QB Oregon:
Chicago could take Mariota for themselves if he’s on the board just as easily as trade the pick. The Browns new regime has been nothing but clumsy and aggressive since they’ve taken over and I’m doubtful they’ll put themselves in a position to rely on Manziel progressing again. Browns will trade up if they think a team is giving them a reasonable offer. Here I’m projecting a 15’ 2nd and 4th, and a 16’ 2nd and conditional to move up 6 spots. Safe to say Mariota probably grades out better to the Browns than any of last year’s QBs. He may not be a game changer but he should produce wins with talent around him. The biggest problem I have with him is that I don’t think he’s clutch.
NFL Comp. a running Sam Bradford

8. Atlanta Falcons – Randy Gregory, OLB/DE Nebraska:
Gregory's athleticism and physicality can make him an all pro but his tendency for injury and off field concerns could derail him. Falcons could uncharacteristically take a leap of faith here.
NFL Comp. an injury prone Jason Taylor

9. New York Giants – *Ereck Flowers, OT Miami:
Giants are likely looking Oline here but which one they like best is anyone’s guess. Flowers may have the most upside of the top tier guys. He doesn’t always look good doing it but he does everything pretty well. He could be the Giants pick because of his dominant run blocking.
NFL Comp: Jammal Brown

10. St. Louis Rams – Brandon Scherff, OG Iowa:
Rams certainly need to address the OL and Scherff is regarded as the top interior guy in this class. If they prefer an OT, then it’s probably Peat.
NFL Comp. David Diehl

11. Minnesota Vikings – DeVante Parker, WR Louisville:
Parker engulfs anything thrown his way with great ball skiils/body control and creates space with great feet for his size. Might be more of a #2 guy at first but should eventually develop into a go to guy. White is still on the board but I don’t think there’s too much separating the two prospects and Parker already has chemistry with the QB.
NFL Comp. 6'3 Reggie Wayne

12. TRADE Chicago Bears (CLE) – Kevin White, WR West Virginia:
The WR spot opposite Jeffrey might be more of a gaping hole on the roster than at the nose, especially after the signings of versatile guys McDonald and Jenkins. White showcased in Indy why he's the guy with the highest upside in this years WR class.
NFL Comp. blue collar Dez Bryant

13. New Orleans Saints – Trae Waynes, CB Michigan State:
Waynes is a good CB prospect but his combine testing might get him overrated.
NFL Comp. Kareem Jackson

14. Miami Dolphins - La'el Collins, OG/OT LSU:
Collins is a functional LT or RT, though perhaps a better pro OG, and improves the run game.
NFL Comp. Roman Oben

15. San Francisco 49ers – *Arik Armstead, DE Oregon:
Armstead gets abused in the running game despite his size but his athleticism, frame and youth will get him over drafted. And the Niners are rumored to favor him.
NFL Comp. Desmond Bryant

16. Houston Texans – Eric Kendricks, LB UCLA:
Kendricks is really like a bulked up safety playing LB. Coverage ability is an asset but his run defence could be a liability.
NFL Comp. Channing Crowder

17. San Diego Chargers – *Todd Gurley, RB Georgia:
Following his supposedly successful med recheck, Gurley is a lock 1st rounder. I’m skeptical a team today would draft a RB coming back from a major knee injury in the 1st but anything is possible.
NFL Comp. Willis McGahee

18. Kansas City Chiefs – Cameron Erving, OC Florida State:
Erving’s been a real beast since moving to OC. I think the Chiefs would actually be getting an upgrade.
NFL Comp. a better Max Unger

19. Cleveland Browns - Danny Shelton, NT Washington:
Shelton has intensity, hustle, size and smarts. I think he's an identity maker for a defense in the mold of Wilfork. Considered early on a top ten talent, his perceived inconsistency and one dimensionality is likely going to cause him to drop. Once he utilizes consistent technique, especially with his hands, he should max his potential.
NFL Comp. Vince Wilfork

20. Philadelphia Eagles – Nelson Agholor, WR USC:
Agholor’s one of my favorite sleepers in this class. An ideal fit for Chip's scheme, its not surprising rumors are surfacing that the Eagles could pull the trigger in the 1st.
NFL Comp. Isaac Bruce

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Malcolm Brown, DT Texas:
Solid interior defender but overrated by many, imo. He’s versatile and will get pressures but might not hold up well as a run defender in the pros, especially at 34 DE or NT. His best fit would be at the 3 in an even front.
NFL Comp. Marcus Tubbs

22. Pittsburgh Steelers – Byron Jones, CB UConn:
Jones is the best prospect of the recent uber athletic Huskie CBs to come out. A guy once way underrated but now a tad overrated.
NFL Comp. Byron Maxwell

23. Detroit Lions – Andrus Peat, OT Stanford:
Peat might not become an all pro but he projects as a solid, above average run and pass blocker.
NFL Comp. Cordy Glenn

24. Arizona Cardinals – Eric Rowe, CB Utah:
Safety size and tackling ability with the coverage skills and athleticism of a CB. After taking a closer look, it’s not hard to see why his stock is soaring.
NFL Comp. Antonio Cromartie

25. Carolina Panthers – Donovan Smith, OT Penn State:
Dominant guy at senior week practices, raising his level of play from college. But since seeing him pancake Bosa during the regular season I've been all in.
NFL Comp. Jermey Parnell

26. Baltimore Ravens – Shane Ray, OLB/DE Missouri:
Tumbling down boards following his pro day, med re-check and marijuana citation. Many are convinced he’s overrated but I think his elite first step quickness, forever motor and underrated physicality should translate just fine at 34 OLB.
NFL Comp. Jerry Hughes

27. Dallas Cowboys – Melvin Gordon, RB Wisconsin:
Super star from day 1.
NFL Comp. bigger, slower Jamaal Charles

28. Denver Broncos – *Jordan Phillips, DT Oklahoma:
Freakish athlete at his size and destroys both the run and pass when he wants to. Biggest test as a pro will be conditioning and his med checks. Possibly a steal if he plays like he did in his Bowl game vs Clemson going forward.
NFL Comp. Kris Jenkins

29. Indianapolis Colts – Landon Collins, S Alabama:
I’ve seen him regarded as high as a top 10 player by many but I don’t see it. He’s an athletic box defender but pretty limited everywhere else.
NFL Comp. Chris Harris

30. Green Bay Packers – Denzel Perryman, ILB Miami:
Perryman’s a consistent big time thumper in the middle.
NFL Comp. Stephen Tulloch

31. New Orleans (SEA) – *Maxx Williams, TE Minnesota:
The best all around TE prospect in a weak draft for the position.
NFL Comp. Chris Baker

32. New England Patriots – A.J. Cann, OG/C South Carolina:
Not flashy but a rock solid interior lineman that's been overlooked in this class. The Pats interior was a serious weakness much of the year, masked by the quick passing game and Blount's running late.
NFL Comp. an athletic Gabe Jackson


33. Tennessee Titans – Cedric Ogbuehi, OT Texas A&M:
Took a step back moving to LT, but still a top tier prospect at RT.
NFL Comp. Derek Newton

34. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – D.J. Humphries, OT/G Florida:
His rep is better than his game, imo. Easily athletic but he’s underpowered and often off balance. But the upside is plain.
NFL Comp. poor man’s D'Brick Ferguson.

35. Oakland Raiders – *Breshad Perriman, WR UCF:
Perriman’s a physical freak but not as dominant as his testing suggests. I’ll wager he’ll be a liability if counted on as a #1 WR because of his hands.
NFL Comp. Braylon Edwards

36. Jacksonville Jaguars – Tevin Coleman, RB Indiana:
Gets a lot of love by some but I think he's overrated. He’s an upright speed back with durability concerns.
NFL Comp. Darren McFadden

37. New York Jets – *Brett Hundley, QB UCLA:
Too high for Hundley but with Chan Gailey and the professor on board, they can can try for a raw QB. Hundley's a huge project. He processes things painfully slow at times, so pressure resorts in an inordinate amount sacks even though he's McNabb athletic. Don't ask him to throw on the run either; once his eyes come off his receivers, he's a running back. He's brimming with raw talent but if his coach can't somehow get him to see the game the way the coach sees it, he'll be nothing more than a Jake Locker caliber QB, at best.
NFL Comp. Jake Locker

38. Washington Redskins – T.J. Clemmings, OG/OT Pittsburgh:
Exposed as an OT at senior week. I’ve thought all along his best position would be OG.
NFL Comp. poor man’s Kyle Long

39. Chicago Bears – Eddie Goldman, DT Florida State:
Great character guy that does a little bit of everything in the interior but just doesn’t consistently make his presence felt.
NFL Comp blue collar Corey Redding

40. New York Giants – Grady Jarrett, DT Clemson:
Jarrett plays like a MLB in a NT's body. Not really surprising given his lineage. Overwhelmed rarely because of his size, he’s stout and pretty much impossible to keep out of the backfield.
NFL Comp. squatty Cullen Jenkins

41. St. Louis Rams – Bernardrick McKinney, LB Mississippi State:
Has the look of another Karlos Dansby or K.J. Wright but isn’t as complete a LB as those two. He’s more like another Manny Lawson.
NFL Comp. Manny Lawson

42. Atlanta Falcons – Kevin Johnson, CB Wake Forest:
Being touted as a possible 1st rounder but I don’t see it. Possibly another Darius Slay but I think he’s another DVD.
NFL Comp. Demarcus Van Dyke

43. TRADE Chicago Bears (CLE) – Marcus Peters, CB Washington:
Peters is a great cover guy but weak tackler and supposedly brings a Harvin-ish, Marshawn ****** attitude to the locker room.
NFL Comp. tall Fred Smoot

44. New Orleans Saints – Laken Tomlinson, OG Duke:
A reliable brute for the running game.
NFL Comp. Anthony Herrera

45. Minnesota Vikings – Ronald Darby, CB Florida St:
NFL Comp. Phillip Buchanon

46. San Francisco 49ers – Stephone Anthony, LB Clemson:
Flying up draft charts. He can fly on the field but he needs clear paths to get to the ball. Nice player getting a little overrated.
NFL Comp. stronger Ernie Sims

47. Miami Dolphins – Carl Davis, DT Iowa:
Looks like a beast when he wants to, but he’s got the talent to be an all pro, and could be scary next to Suh.
NFL Comp. Shaun Rogers

48. San Diego Chargers – Owamagbe Odigizuwa, DE/DT UCLA:
Miscast by many as an edge rusher, I think Odighizuwa will make coin as an inside guy in the pros at the 5 technique; same position he played at UCLA.
NFL Comp. Tank Carradine

49. Kansas City Chiefs – Phillip Dorsett, WR Miami:
Blazer who’ll likely make a better pro than college player.
NFL Comp. Donnie Avery

50. Buffalo Bills – Preston Smith, DE Mississippi St:
Smith's a sleeper. Scheme versatile, great size, a stout run defender and deceptive quickness as a pass rusher.
NFL Comp. Jason Hatcher

51. Houston Texans – Jaelen Strong, WR Arizona State:
A tall, strong, clutch, hands catcher with a good burst off the line but isn’t efficient in his routes and doesn't win enough on 50/50 balls.
NFL Comp. 6’2 David Givens

52. Philadelphia Eagles – Eli Harold, OLB/DE Virginia:
Overrated hybrid guy imo. His game is raw but there’s at least a high upside pass rush specialist there to start with. More than you can say about Marcus Smith.
NFL Comp Victor Butler

53. Cincinnati Bengals – *Dorial Green Beckham, WR Oklahoma:
The red flags and his overall rawness should keep him out of the first.
NFL Comp. poor man's Plaxico Burress

54. Pittsburgh Steelers – Markus Golden, OLB/DE Missouri:
Sleeper that plays with a huge motor and intensity. He was just as dominant as Ray at times for the Tigers and had an impressive pro day.
NFL Comp. a sane James Harrison

55. Detroit Lions – David Johnson, RB Northern Iowa:
NFL Comp. Matt Forte

56. Arizona Cardinals – Hau'oli Kikaha, OLB Washington:
Kika has some injury concerns but if he checks out I think he’ll go fairly high. A guy with this many possibilities for incredible nicknames has to pan out.
NFL Comp. blue collar Clay Matthews

57. Carolina Panthers - Tyler Lockett, WR Kansas St:
One of the most overlooked guys in this class and should outperform a lot of the WRs taken before him.
NFL Comp. Wes Welker

58. Baltimore Ravens – Devin Funchess, TE Michigan:
Funchess gets blasted for his lackadaisical jr year but he was playing through injuries for a terrible Michigan team and never complained. A streaky catcher but I think teams will buy in that he could be a much better pro than college player with better talent around him.
NFL Comp. stretched out Muhsin Muhammad

59. Dallas Cowboys - Michael Bennett, DT Ohio St:
When he's fresh and turned loose, he can be a wrecking crew. When he's not, he disappears.
NFL Comp. Mike Patterson

60. Denver Broncos – Damarious Randle, FS Arizona St:
Touted for his man coverage ability, I think he's overrated in a weak safety class. He's a playmaker but a shaky tackler for the last line of the defense. A QB here would be intriguing and likely put Osweiler up for grabs.
NFL Comp. Rodney McCloud

61. Indianapolis Colts – Henry Anderson, DE Stanford:
An energizer motor with good length and strength inside.
NFL Comp. Brett Keisel

62. Green Bay Packers – Xavier Cooper, DE Washington State:
Exploded into the backfield regularly but didn’t do much once he was back there.
NFL Comp. Cornelius Griffin

63. Seattle Seahawks – Devon Smith, WR Ohio State:
Smith’s an ideal field stretching weapon. His ability to go up and get the ball is special and better than any deep WR in this class; reminding me of Golden Tate's ball skills at Notre Dame.
NFL Comp. a tougher Bernard Berrian

64. New England Patriots – Nate Orchard, DE/OLB Utah: Perryman
Still not sold completely on Orchard. But his hands and closing speed are impressive.
NFL Comp. George Selvie


65. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Quinton Rollins, CB Miami (OH):
Once he settles in, he should be a solid pro.
NFL Comp. Leigh Bodden

66. Tennessee Titans – *T.J. Yeldon, RB Alabama:
NFL Comp. Ronnie Brown

67. Jacksonville Jaguars – *Jalen Collins, CB LSU:
Nice size/speed guy getting overrated, imo.
NFL Comp. Trumaine Johnson

68. Oakland Raiders – *Jay Ajayi, RB Boise St:
1st round worthy talent. But concerns over old knee injury might drop him.
NFL Comp. tougher Laurence Maroney

69. Washington Redskins – *Shaq Thompson, S/LB Washington:
Big time athlete but fairly overrated, imo. Thompson was either making a big play or being a non factor. Thompson’s a swiss army guy that could get snaps at any LB spot and SS but he’s got to buy into the possibility of a position switch to maximise his draft stock, something he’s resisted a little pre draft.
NFL Comp. poor man’s Kam Chancellor

70. New York Jets – Ali Marpet, OG/C Hobart:
Out of nowhere one of the most impressive guys at senior week practices and the combine. I think he’ll go higher than some expect.
NFL Comp. blue collar Joel Bitonio

71. Chicago Bears – Garrett Grayson, QB Colorado State:
Grayson has a solid arm with good downfield/intermediate accuracy, processes things well and has very underrated athletic ability. He’ll likely need to sit initially to gain confidence, but should be an NFL starter at some point.
NFL Comp. Andy Dalton

72. St. Louis Rams – Jake Fisher, OT Oregon:
Nice pass protector and has some nastiness to him. His penchant for penalties is alarming but his skillset shows elite athleticism with major upside.
NFL Comp. Doug Free

73. Atlanta Falcons – Clive Walford, TE Miami:
NFL Comp. Zach Miller

74. New York Giants – Ibraheim Campbell, S Northwestern:
Violent tackler, good cover guy and playmaker comfortable playing in the box or in the backend.
NFL Comp. blue collar Ryan Clark

75. New Orleans Saints – *Danielle Hunter, OLB/DE LSU:
Regularly stuck to blocks at LSU but had an incredible showing as a hybrid guy at the combine. Workout warrior with great character.
NFL Comp. Dontay Moch

76. Minnesota Vikings - Paul Dawson, LB TCU:
Boom/bust type that resembles Burfict in a lot of ways.
NFL Comp. Vontaze Burfict

77. Cleveland Browns - Kyle Emmanuel, OLB/DE North Dakota St:
Quick, uber production small school guy should at least be a solid sitional rusher as a pro.
NFL Comp.

78. New Orleans Saints (MIA)– Mario Edwards Jr, DE/OLB Florida St:
Tested like a great athlete for his size but didn’t play like it this past year. Questionable motor/heart might take him off some teams’ boards.
NFL Comp. Pernell McPhee

79. San Francisco 49ers – Sammie Coates, WR Auburn:
All world get off the bus guy but hard to pass because of the upside.
NFL Comp. Jerry Porter

80. Kansas City Chiefs - Senquez Golson, CB Mississippi:
Top 10 guy if he had height. Elite ball skills and much stronger than his size. I’ve seen him rock back OTs with his punch.
NFL Comp. Deshea Townsend

81. Buffalo Bills – Bryce Petty, QB Baylor:
Petty possesses great natural traits; size, strong arm, and quick feet but his college scheme hasn’t prepared him to play in the league. He’s a streaky passer and might always struggle to adapt; similar to the guy he succeeded at Baylor.
NFL Comp. 6’3 Rex Grossman

82. Houston Texans - Ifo Ekpre Olumu, CB/S Oregon:
NFL Comp. slower Dre Bly

83. San Diego Chargers – Jarvis Harrison, OG Texas A&M:
NFL Comp.

84. Philadelphia Eagles – Josh Shaw, S/CB USC:
Shaw holds up well in press man at CB and hits like a S in run support.
NFL Comp. blue collar Quentin Jammer

85. Cincinnati Bengals – Ty Sambrailo, OT Colorado St:
NFL Comp. Kevin Schaffer

86. Pittsburgh Steelers – Duke Johnson, RB Miami:
Elite cod direction ability but his size and speed might drop him further than expected.
NFL Comp. Leon Washington

87. Detroit Lions – David Parry, DT Stanford:
NFL Comp. Ian Williams

88. Arizona Cardinals - Steven Nelson, CB Oregon State:
NFL Comp. Mike Jenkins

89. Carolina Panthers – Cody Prewitt, S Mississippi:
NFL Comp. Greg Wesley

90. Baltimore Ravens – Chris Conley, WR Georgia:
Sleeper. Big target, especially in the red zone, with plus athleticism to consistently separate or sneak deep. Not flashy but all substance.
NFL Comp. Justin McCareins

91. Dallas Cowboys – Kevin White, CB TCU:
Small and a little slow but shows elite technique and makes plays.
NFL Comp. Dunta Robinson

92. Denver Broncos – Justin Hardy, WR East Carolina:
NFL Comp. blue collar Santonio Holmes

93. Indianapolis Colts – Jeremy Langford, RB Michigan St:
Best sleeper RB in the draft.
NFL Comp. blue collar Matt Forte

94. Green Bay Packers – *Ahmeer Abdullah, RB Nebraska:
NFL Comp. Donald Brown

95. Seattle Seahawks – Hronsis Grasu, OC Oregon:
NFL Comp. Scott Wells

96. New England Patriots – Cameron Artis-Payne, RB Auburn:
NFL Comp. Tre Mason

*97. New England Patriots - Tyeler Davison, DT Fresno St:
Raw but athletic and powerful. Might be going higher than most anticipate.
NFL Comp. Fred Robbins

*98. Kansas City Chiefs - Taiwan Jones, LB Michigan St:
NFL Comp. Danny Clark

*99. Cincinnati Bengals - Nick Boyle, TE Delaware:
NFL Comp. Jim Kleinsasser

Round 4

100. Tennessee Titans - Jamon Brown, OT/G Louisville:
NFL Comp.

101. New England Patriots (TB) - P.J. Williams, CB/S Florida St:
Wasn’t a big fan of Williams at CB even before the off field questions popped up. I had him as a late 2nd, high 3rd, before the incident. I think it could knock him into day 3.
NFL Comp. Alan Ball

102. Oakland Raiders - Jaquiski Tartt, S Samford:
NFL Comp. Gerald Sensabaugh

103. Jacksonville Jaguars - Alex Carter, S Stanford:
NFL Comp.

104. New York Jets - Buck Allen, RB USC:
NFL Comp. Bryce Brown

105. Washington Redskins - Lorenzo Mauldin, OLB/DE Louisville:
NFL Comp. Bryan Thomas

106. Chicago Bears - James Sample, S Louisville:
NFL Comp.

107. Atlanta Falcons - David Cobb, RB Minnesota:
NFL Comp. Marcel Shipp

108. New York Giants - Derron Smith, S Fresno St:
NFL Comp. Jordan Poyer

109. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (STL) - Anthony Chickillo, DE Miami:
NFL Comp. Brian Robison

110. Minnesota Vikings - Marcus Hardison, DT Arizona St:
NFL Comp.

111. Cleveland Browns - MyCole Pruitt, TE Southern Illinois:
NFL Comp. Owen Daniels

112. Seattle Seahawks (NO) - Rashad Greene, WR Florida State:
Underrated, tough, clutch WR with yac ability. But not big or particularly fast. Great production on an uber talented FSU squad but might be looked at more as just a complementary or role pro WR.
NFL Comp. Marvin Jones

113. Philadelphia Eagles - Ty Montgomery, RS/WR Stanford:
NFL Comp. Bigger Ted Ginn

114. Miami Dolphins - Kenny Bell, WR Nebraska:
NFL Comp. Louis Murphy

115. TRADE Chicago Bears (CLE) - Martrell Spaight, LB Arkansas:
NFL Comp. blue collar Navorro Bowman

116. Houston Texans - *Chris Hackett, S TCU:
NFL Comp. Vincent Fuller

117. San Diego Chargers - Antwan Goodley, WR Baylor:
NFL Comp. blue collar Golden Tate

118. Kansas City Chiefs - Chaz Green, OT Florida:
He’s received zero media attention, but Green came back from injuries and put together really nice tape his senior season.
NFL Comp. Rodger Saffold

119. St. Louis Rams (PHI) - Rob Havenstein, OT Wisconsin:
NFL Comp. Rick Wagner

120. Cincinnati Bengals - Jordan Hicks, LB Texas:
NFL Comp. Craig Robertson

121. Pittsburgh Steelers - D'Joun Smith, CB FAU:
NFL Comp. Jerraud Powers

122. Baltimore Ravens (DET) - Matt Jones, RB Florida:
NFL Comp. Le’Ron McClain

123. Arizona Cardinals - Tyler Varga, RB Yale:
NFL Comp.

124. Carolina Panthers - *Josh Robinson, RB Mississippi St:
NFL Comp. Jonas Gray

125. Baltimore Ravens - Doran Grant, CB Ohio St:
The type that does enough to stick in the league for a while.
NFL Comp. Jason Webster

126. San Francisco 49ers - Jamil Douglas, OG Arizona St;
NFL Comp.

127. Dallas Cowboys - Ben Heeney, LB Kansas:
Flies around recklessly and makes plays. If he gains strength and discipline as a pro he’ll be a huge asset to a defense.
NFL Comp. Marc Simoneau

128. Indianapolis Colts - Daryl Williams, OT/OG Oklahoma:
An underrated prospect. An animal in the running game at times but also at times a liability as a pass protector.
NFL Comp. stronger John St. Clair

129. Green Bay Packers - Justin Coleman, CB Tennessee:
Cat quick small scraper experienced in press and tackles physically.
NFL Comp. Carlos Rogers

130. Seattle Seahawks - Tre McBride, WR William & Mary:
A physical go up and get type with deceptive speed and yac ability.
NFL Comp. blue collar James Jones

131. New England Patriots - Imoan Claiborne, CB Northwestern St:
NFL Comp.

*132. San Francisco 49ers - Jordan Taylor, WR Rice:
Big time sleeper with speed, size and cod ability.
NFL Comp. Alvin Harper

*133. Denver Broncos - Quayshawne Buckley, DE Idaho:
NFL Comp.

*134. Seattle Seahawks - Tray Walker, CB Texas Southern:
NFL Comp.

*135. Cincinnati Bengals - Tre’ Jackson, OG Florida State:
NFL Comp.

*136. Baltimore Ravens - *Kwon Alexander, LB LSU:
NFL Comp. Gerris Wilkinson


137. Minnesota Vikings - John Miller, OG Louisville:
Underrated guy does everything well not great.
NFL Comp. Donald Thomas

138. Tennessee Titans – *Durrell Eskridge, S Syracuse:
Full of moldable traits.
NFL Comp. Michael Johnson

139. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jamison Crowder, WR Duke:
NFL Comp. Chad Owens

140. Oakland Raiders – Trey Flowers, DE Arkansas:
NFL Comp. Chauncey Davis

141. Washington Redskins – Detrick Bonner, S Virginia Tech:
NFL Comp.

142. Chicago Bears - Max Garcia, OC Florida:
NFL Comp.

143. Denver Broncos - Josue Matias, OG Florida St:
NFL Comp.

144. New York Giants – *Tyler Kroft, TE Rutgers:
NFL Comp.

145. Philadelphia Eagles - Adrian Amos, S Penn State:
Specimen but plays without anticipation.
NFL Comp. Jason Allen

146. Atlanta Falcons – Gabe Wright, DT Auburn:
NFL Comp. Jacques Cesaire

147. Cleveland Browns – Shaq Mason, OC/G Georgia Tech:
NFL Comp. Damien Woody

148. New Orleans Saints – Jeff Heuerman, TE Ohio St:
NFL Comp.

149. Miami Dolphins – Mark Glowinski, OG West Virginia:
NFL Comp.

150. Miami Dolphins – Nick Marshall, CB/S Auburn:
NFL Comp.

151. San Francisco 49ers – Jeff Luc, LB Cincinnati
NFL Comp.

152. Houston Texans – Mitch Morse, OG/OC Missouri:
NFL Comp. Ryan Cook

153. San Diego Chargers – Corey Robinson, OT South Carolina:
NFL Comp.

154. New Orleans Saints - Robert Myers, OG Tennessee St:
NFL Comp.

155. Buffalo Bills – Tyrus Thompson, OT Oklahoma:
NFL Comp.

156. Philadelphia Eagles – Derrick Lott, DT Tennessee-Chattanooga:
NFL Comp. Linval Joseph

157. Cincinnati Bengals – Joey Mbu, DT Houston:
NFL Comp. Athyba Rubin

158. Baltimore Ravens - Sean Mannion, QB Oregon St:
NFL Comp. Derek Anderson

159. Arizona Cardinals – Jeremiah Poutasi, OG Utah:
NFL Comp.

160. Pittsburgh Steelers – Antoine Everett, OG McNeese St:
NFL Comp.

161. Carolina Panthers – Kurtis Drummond, S Michigan St:
NFL Comp.

162. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Wes Saxton, TE South Alabama:
NFL Comp.

163. Dallas Cowboys – Mike Davis, RB South Carolina:
NFL Comp.

164. Denver Broncos – Brandon Bridge, QB South Alabama:
NFL Comp. Omar Jacobs

165. Indianapolis Colts – JaCorey Shepherd, CB Kansas:
NFL Comp.

166. Green Bay Packers – Laurence Gibson, OT Virginia Tech:
NFL Comp.

167. Seattle Seahawks – Jonathan Feliciano, OG Miami:
NFL Comp.

168. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NE) – Rannell Hall, WR Central Florida:
NFL Comp. Eric Parker

*169. Carolina Panthers - Za’Darius Smith, DE Kentucky:
NFL Comp.

*170. Seattle Seahawks - Chris Covington, DT Rice:
NFL Comp. Billy Winn

*171. Baltimore Ravens - Leterrius Walton, DT Central Michigan:
NFL Comp.

*172. Kansas City Chiefs - Stefon Diggs, WR Maryland:
NFL Comp. Charles Frederick

*173. Kansas City Chiefs - Zach Hodges LB Harvard:
NFL Comp. poor man’s Mychal Kendricks

*174. Houston Texans - Angelo Blackson, DT Auburn:
NFL Comp.

*175. Baltimore Ravens - B.J. Finney, OC Kansas St
Browns need depth and insurance for Mack.
NFL Comp.

Round 6

176. Tennessee Titans - Arie Kouandjio, OG Alabama:
NFL Comp. Shelly Smith

177. New England Patriots - Jake Ryan, LB Michigan:
NFL Comp.

178. Oakland Raiders - Matt Rotheram, OG Pittsburgh:
NFL Comp.

179. Jacksonville Jaguars - Aaron Davis, OLB Colorado St:
NFL Comp.

180. Seattle Seahawks - Clayton Geathers, S Central Florida
NFL Comp.

181. Washington Redskins - Sean Hickey, OG/T Syracuse:
NFL Comp.

182. Chicago Bears - *Max Valles, OLB Virginia:
NFL Comp. poor man’s Barkevious Mingo

183. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Andy Gallik, OC Boston College:
NFL Parker

184. Atlanta Falcons - Tony Lippett, WR/CB Michigan St:
NFL Comp.Todd Pinkston/Shawntae Spencer

185. New York Giants - Jake Smith, OC Louisville:
NFL Comp.

186. New Orleans Saints - LaDarius Gunter, CB Miami
NFL Comp.

187. Buffalo Bills - Damian Swann, CB Georgia:
NFL Comp.

188. Cleveland Browns - DeVaris Daniels, WR Notre Dame:
NFL Comp

189. San Francisco 49ers - Ben Koyack, TE Notre Dame:
NFL Comp. Gary Barnidge

190. Miami Dolphins - Dominique Brown, RB Louisville:
NFL Comp.

191. San Diego Diego - Connor Halliday, QB Washington St:
NFL Comp. Graham Harrell

192. Kansas City Chiefs - Darren Waller, WR/TE Georgia Tech:
NFL Comp.

193. Buffalo Bills - Blake Bell, TE Oklahoma:
NFL Comp.

194. Houston Texans - Vince Mayle, WR Washington St:
NFL Comp.

195. Philadelphia Eagles - Greg Mancz, OG Toledo:
NFL Comp.

196. Cincinnati Bengals - Austin Shepherd, OT Alabama:
NFL Comp.

197. Arizona Cardinals - Darius Kilgo, DT Maryland:
NFL Comp.

198. Pittsburgh Steelers - Nick O’Leary, TE Florida St:
NFL Comp.

199. Detroit Lions - Cedric Reed DE Texas:
NFL Comp. Kareem Martin

200. Carolina Panthers - Mark Nzeocha, LB Wyoming:
NFL Comp.

201. Cleveland Browns - Corey Grant, RB Auburn:
Browns backfield lacks a homerun hitter.
NFL Comp.

202. Denver Broncos - Dezmin Lewis, WR Central Arkansas:
NFL Comp. Kris Durham

203. Baltimore Ravens - *Deontay Greenberry, WR Houston:
NFL Comp.

204. Indianapolis Colts - Ramik Wilson, LB Georgia:
NFL Comp.

205. Green Bay Packers - Tayo Fabuluje, OT BYU:
NFL Comp.

206. Indianapolis Colts - Darrian Miller, OG Kentucky:
NFL Comp.

207. Tennessee Titans - DeVante Davis, WR UNLV:
NFL Comp.

*208. Seattle Seahawks - Hayes Pullard, LB USC:
NFL Comp.

*209. Green Bay Packers - Bobby Richardson, DE Indiana:
Converted DE flashes athletic ability but is underpowered and lost too often.
NFL Comp. Armonty Bryant

*210. Houston Texans - Jean Sifrin, TE UMass:
NFL Comp

*211. Pittsburgh Steelers - Quandre Diggs, S/CB Texas:
NFL Comp.

*212. Green Bay Packers - Casey Pierce, TE Kent St:
NFL Comp.

*213. Seattle Seahawks - Garry Peters, CB Clemson:
NFL Comp.

*214. St. Louis Rams - Bryan Bennett, QB Southeastern Louisiana:
NFL Comp.

*215. Houston Texans - Marcus Rush, OLB/DE Michigan St:
NFL Comp. Scott Solomon

*216. Kansas City Chiefs - Tory Slater, DE West Georgia:
NFL Comp.

Round 7

217. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Vince Kowalski, OG, Villanova:
NFL Comp.

218. New England Patriots - Xavier Williams, DT Northern Iowa:
NFL Comp.

219. Jacksonville Jaguars - Anthony Harris, S Virginia:
NFL Comp.

220. Oakland Raiders - Lynden Trail, DE/TE Norfolk St:
NFL Comp.

221. Washington Redskins - Malcolm Brown, RB Texas:
NFL Comp

222. New York Jets - Xzavier Dickson, OLB Alabama:
NFL Comp.

223. New York Jets - Kristjan Sokoli, DT, Buffalo:
NFL Comp.

224. Atlanta Falcons - Rob Crisp, OT NC State:
NFL Comp.

225. New York Giants - Rakeem Nunez-Roches, DT Southern Miss:
NFL Comp.

226. St. Louis Rams - Obum Gwacham, DE Oregon:
NFL Comp.

227. Minnesota Vikings - Neiron Ball, OLB Florida:
NFL Comp.

228. Cleveland Browns - Jalston Fowler, FB Alabama:
NFL Comp.

229. New Orleans Saints - Deon Simon, DT Northwestern:
NFL Comp.

230. Detroit Lions - Jake Rodgers, OT Eastern Washington:
NFL Comp.

231. Minnesota Vikings - *Jesse James, TE Penn St:
NFL Comp.

232. Kansas City Chiefs - Karlos Williams, RB Florida St:
NFL Comp.

233. Buffalo Bills - Sam Carter, S TCU:
NFL Comp.

234. Houston Texans - Trenton Brown, OG/OT Florida:
NFL Comp.

235. Dallas Cowboys - *Jacoby Glenn, CB UCF:
NFL Comp.

236. Philadelphia Eagles - J.J. Nelson, WR Alabama-Birmingham:
NFL Comp.

237. Cincinnati Bengals - Troy Hill, CB Oregon:
NFL Comp.

238. Pittsburgh Steelers - Darius Allen, OLB Colorado St- Pueblo
NFL Comp.

239. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Quayshawn Nealy, LB Georgia Tech:
NFL Comp.

240. Arizona Cardinals - Reese Dismukes, OC Auburn:
NFL Comp. Kory Lichtensteiger (Zierlein):

241. Carolina Panthers - Craig Major, S/CB Texas St:
NFL Comp.

242. Dallas Cowboys - Shaquille Riddick, DE West Virginia:
NFL Comp.

243. Indianapolis Colts - Charles Tull, OLB Tenn-Chattanooga:
NFL Comp.

244. New York Giants - Mike Hull, LB Penn St:
NFL Comp.

245. San Francisco 49ers - Titus Davis WR Central Michigan:
NFL Comp. Patrick Crayton

246. Green Bay Packers - Aaron Ripkowski, FB Oklahoma:
NFL Comp.

247. Seattle Seahawks - Terry Poole, OT San Diego St:
NFL Comp.

248. Atlanta Falcons - Justin Cox, CB Mississippi St:
NFL Comp.

*249. Denver Broncos - Malcolm Agnew, RB Southern Illinois:
NFL Comp. Dominic Rhodes

*250. Denver Broncos - Travis Raciti, DE/OLB San Jose St:
NFL Comp.

*251. Denver Broncos - Kaleb Eulls, DT Mississippi State
NFL Comp.

*252. New England Patriots - James O’Shaughnessy, TE Illinois St:
NFL Comp.

*253. San Francisco 49ers - Tyson Chandler, OT NC State:
NFL Comp.

*254. Indianapolis Colts - Deiontrez Mount, LB Louisville:
NFL Comp

*255. Arizona Cardinals - Geneo Grissom, OLB Oklahoma:
NFL Comp.


Team Capsules

Arizona Cardinals:
Eric Rowe, CB Utah
Hau'oli Kikaha, OLB Washington
Steven Nelson, CB Oregon State
Tyler Varga, RB Yale
Jeremiah Poutasi, OG Utah
Darius Kilgo, DT Maryland
Geneo Grissom, OLB Oklahoma
Reese Dismukes, OC Auburn

Atlanta Falcons:
Randy Gregory, OLB/DE Nebraska
Kevin Johnson, CB Wake Forest
Clive Walford, TE Miami
David Cobb, RB Minnesota
Gabe Wright, DT Auburn
Tony Lippett, WR/CB Michigan St
Rob Crisp, OT NC State
Justin Cox, CB Mississippi St

Baltimore Ravens:
Shane Ray, OLB/DE Missouri
Devin Funchess, TE Michigan
Chris Conley, WR Georgia
Matt Jones, RB Florida
Doran Grant, CB Ohio St
*Kwon Alexander, LB LSU
Sean Mannion, QB Oregon St
Leterrius Walton, DT Central Michigan
B.J. Finney, OC Kansas St
*Deontay Greenberry, WR Houston

Buffalo Bills:
Preston Smith, DE Mississippi St
Bryce Petty, QB Baylor
Tyrus Thompson, OT Oklahoma
Damian Swann, CB Georgia
Sam Carter, S TCU

Carolina Panthers:
Donovan Smith, OT Penn State
Tyler Lockett, WR Kansas St
Cody Prewitt, S Mississippi
*Josh Robinson, RB Mississippi St
Za’Darius Smith, DE Kentucky
Mark Nzeocha, LB Wyoming
Craig Major, CB Texas St

Chicago Bears:
Kevin White, WR West Virginia
Eddie Goldman, DT Florida State
Marcus Peters, CB Washington
Garrett Grayson, QB Colorado State
James Sample, S Louisville:
Martrell Spaight, LB Arkansas
Max Garcia, OC Florida
*Max Valles, OLB Virginia

Cincinnati Bengals:
Malcolm Brown, DT Texas
Dorial Green Beckham, WR Oklahoma
Ty Sambrailo, OT Colorado St
Nick Boyle, TE Delaware
Jordan Hicks, LB Texas
Tre’ Jackson, OG Florida State
Joey Mbu, DT Houston
Austin Shepherd, OT Alabama
Troy Hill, CB Oregon

Cleveland Browns:
*Marcus Mariota, QB Oregon
Danny Shelton, NT Washington
Kyle Emmanuel, OLB/DE North Dakota St
MyCole Pruitt, TE Southern Illinois
Shaq Mason, OC/G Georgia Tech
DeVaris Daniels, WR Notre Dame
Corey Grant, RB Auburn
Jalston Fowler, FB Alabama

Dallas Cowboys:
Melvin Gordon, RB Wisconsin
Michael Bennett, DT Ohio St
Kevin White, CB TCU
Ben Heeney, LB Kansas
Mike Davis, RB South Carolina
Shaquille Riddick, DE West Virginia

Denver Broncos:
*Jordan Phillips, DT Oklahoma
Damarious Randle, FS Arizona St
Justin Hardy, WR East Carolina
Quayshawne Buckley, DE Idaho
Josue Matias, OG Florida St
Brandon Bridge, QB South Alabama
Dezmin Lewis, WR Central Arkansas
Malcolm Agnew, RB Southern Illinois:
Travis Raciti, DE/OLB San Jose St:
Kaleb Eulls, DT Mississippi State

Detroit Lions:
Andrus Peat, OT Stanford
David Johnson, RB Northern Iowa:
David Parry, DT Stanford
Cedric Reed DE Texas
Jake Rodgers, OT Eastern Washington

Green Bay Packers:
Denzel Perryman, ILB Miami
Xavier Cooper, DE Washington State
*Ahmeer Abdullah, RB Nebraska
Justin Coleman, CB Tennessee
Laurence Gibson, OT Virginia Tech
Bobby Richardson, DE Indiana
Casey Pierce, TE Kent St
Aaron Ripkowski, FB Oklahoma

Houston Texans:
Eric Kendricks, LB UCLA
Jaelen Strong, WR Arizona State
Ifo Ekpre Olumu, CB/S Oregon
*Chris Hackett, S TCU:
Mitch Morse, OG/OC Missouri
Angelo Blackson, DT Auburn
Vince Mayle, WR Washington St
Jean Sifrin, TE UMass
Marcus Rush, OLB/DE Michigan St
Trenton Brown, OG/OT Florida

Indianapolis Colts:
Landon Collins, S Alabama
Henry Anderson, DE Stanford
Jeremy Langford, RB Michigan St
Daryl Williams, OT/OG Oklahoma
JaCorey Shepherd, CB Kansas
Ramik Wilson, LB Georgia:
Darrian Miller, OG Kentucky
Charles Tull, OLB Tenn-Chattanooga
Deiontrez Mount, LB Louisville

Jacksonville Jaguars:
Dante Fowler, OLB Florida
Tevin Coleman, RB Indiana
*Jalen Collins, CB LSU
Alex Carter, S Stanford:
Jamison Crowder, WR Duke
Aaron Davis, OLB Colorado St
Anthony Harris, S Virginia

Kansas City Chiefs:
Cameron Erving, OC Florida State
Phillip Dorsett, WR Miami
Senquez Golson, CB Mississippi
Taiwan Jones, LB Michigan St
Chaz Green, OT Florida
Stefon Diggs, WR Maryland:
Zach Hodges LB Harvard:
Darren Waller, WR/TE Georgia Tech
Tory Slater, DE West Georgia
Karlos Williams, RB Florida St

Miami Dolphins:
La'el Collins, OG/OT LSU
Carl Davis, DT Iowa
Kenny Bell, WR Nebraska
Mark Glowinski, OG West Virginia:
Nick Marshall, CB/S Auburn:
Dominique Brown, RB Louisville

Minnesota Vikings:
DeVante Parker, WR Louisville
Ronald Darby, CB Florida St
Paul Dawson, LB TCU
Marcus Hardison, DT Arizona St
John Miller, OG Louisville
Neiron Ball, OLB Florida
*Jesse James, TE Penn St

New England Patriots:
A.J. Cann, OG/C South Carolina
Nate Orchard, DE/OLB Utah
Cameron Artis-Payne, RB Auburn
Tyeler Davison, DT Fresno St:
P.J. Williams, CB/S Florida St
Imoan Claiborne, CB Northwestern St
Jake Ryan, LB Michigan
Xavier Williams, DT Northern Iowa
James O’Shaughnessy, TE Illinois St

New Orleans Saints:
Trae Waynes, CB Michigan State
*Maxx Williams, TE Minnesota
Laken Tomlinson, OG Duke
*Danielle Hunter, OLB/DE LSU
Mario Edwards Jr, DE/OLB Florida St
Jeff Heuerman, TE Ohio St
LaDarius Gunter, CB Miami
Deon Simon, DT Northwestern

New York Giants:
Ereck Flowers, OT Miami
Grady Jarrett, DT Clemson
Ibraheim Campbell, S Northwestern
Derron Smith, S Fresno St
*Tyler Kroft, TE Rutgers
Jake Smith, OC Louisville
Rakeem Nunez-Roches, DT Southern Miss
Mike Hull, LB Penn St

New York Jets:
Alvin Dupree, LB Kentucky
*Brett Hundley, QB UCLA
Ali Marpet, OG/C Hobart
Buck Allen, RB USC
Xzavier Dickson, OLB Alabama:
Kristjan Sokoli, DT, Buffalo:

Oakland Raiders:
Leonard Williams, DE USC
*Breshad Perriman, WR UCF
*Jay Ajayi, RB Boise St
Jaquiski Tartt, S Samford
Trey Flowers, DE Arkansas
Matt Rotheram, OG Pittsburgh
Lynden Trail, DE/TE Norfolk St

Philadelphia Eagles:
Nelson Agholor, WR USC
Eli Harold, OLB/DE Virginia
Josh Shaw, CB/S USC
Ty Montgomery, RS/WR Stanford
Adrian Amos, S Penn State
Derrick Lott, DT Tennessee-Chattanooga
Greg Mancz, OG Toledo
J.J. Nelson, WR Alabama-Birmingham

Pittsburgh Steelers:
Byron Jones, CB UConn
Markus Golden, OLB/DE Missouri
Duke Johnson, RB Miami
D'Joun Smith, CB FAU
Antoine Everett, OG McNeese St:
Nick O’Leary, TE Florida St
Quandre Diggs, S/CB Texas
Darius Allen, OLB Colorado St- Pueblo

San Diego Chargers:
*Todd Gurley, RB Georgia
Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE/DT UCLA
Jarvis Harrison, OG Texas A&M
Steven Nelson, CB Oregon State
Antwan Goodley, WR Baylor
Corey Robinson, OT South Carolina
Connor Halliday, QB Washington St

San Francisco 49ers:
*Arik Armstead, DT Oregon
Stephone Anthony, LB Clemson
Sammie Coates, WR Auburn
Jamil Douglas, OG Arizona St
Jordan Taylor, WR Rice
Jeff Luc, LB Cincinnati
Ben Koyack, Notre Dame
Titus Davis WR Central Michigan
Tyson Chandler, OT NC State

Seattle Seahawks:
Devon Smith, WR Ohio State
Hronsis Grasu, OC Oregon
Rashad Greene, WR Florida State
Tre McBride, WR William & Mary
Tray Walker, CB Texas Southern
Jonathan Feliciano, OG Miami
Chris Covington, DT Rice
Clayton Geathers, S Central Florida
Hayes Pullard, LB USC
Garry Peters, CB Clemson
Terry Poole, OT San Diego St

St. Louis Rams:
Brandon Scherff, OG Iowa
Bernardrick McKinney, LB Mississippi State:
Jake Fisher, OT Oregon
Rob Havenstein, OT Wisconsin
Bryan Bennett, QB Southeastern Louisiana
Obum Gwacham, DE Oregon

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
Jameis Winston, QB Florida State
D.J. Humphries, OT Florida
Quinton Rollins, CB Miami (OH)
Anthony Chickillo, DE Miami
Wes Saxton, TE South Alabama
Rannell Hall, WR Central Florida
Andy Gallik, OC Boston College
Vince Kowalski, OG, Villanova
Quayshawn Nealy, LB Georgia Tech

Tennessee Titans:
*Amari Cooper, WR Alabama
Cedric Ogbuehi, OT Texas A&M
*T.J. Yeldon, RB Alabama
Jamon Brown, OG Louisville
*Durrell Eskridge, S Syracuse
Arie Kouandjio, OG Alabama
DeVante Davis, WR UNLV

Washington Redskins:
Vic Beasley, OLB Clemson
T.J. Clemmings, OG/OT Pittsburgh
*Shaq Thompson, S/LB Washington
Lorenzo Mauldin, OLB/DE Louisville
Detrick Bonner, S Virginia Tech:
Sean Hickey, OG/T Syracuse
Malcolm Brown, RB Texas

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