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Jamaal Williams Scouting Report

"Power back mentality and an experienced 3 down back but possesses ordinary burst/speed and has had various minor lower leg injuries."

Sammy Jo Hester - Daily Herald



Power back mentality but can make quick lateral jump cuts to free space in the hole or in the open field. Aggressive mindset and always keeps his feet moving creating plenty of yac. Plus balance and uses a strong stiff arm.

Deceptive speed in the open field. Plus vision and regularly runs to daylight. Rarely puts the ball on the ground. Experienced receiver. Experienced willing blocker. Great motor.



Just adequate burst and speed. Power back mentality but just ok size. Willing blocker but can get annihilated vs power. Sat out a season for personal reasons and suspended a few games for rules violation.



Williams is a workhorse with elusiveness and a yac guy at the 2nd level. Adequate size but he's not really a power back and possesses ordinary burst/speed.

Has had various minor lower leg injuries. Possibly plays to physically​ for his frame but that style has got him this far. Reminds me of Chris Ivory.

Pro Comparison: Chris Ivory


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