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Kendall Beckwith Scouting Report

"Punishing tackler with range and anticipation but is inconsistent taking on blocks, has clunky cod and is coming off an ACL tear."



A monster when he's free. At his best he's a punishing tackler with range and anticipation. Strong in pursuit with good closing speed. First guy to the ball consistently.

Good tackler who prevents extra yardage on contact. Gets depth well in coverage. Playmaking blitzer due to closing speed and hitting ability.



Can be blocked. Gets contacted and taken out of the play. Inconsistent taking on blocks. Pursues well but not great changing direction.

While he’s a good tackler and gets to the ball, doesn’t always break down and has some limitations laterally. Coming off an ACL.



When Beckwith anticipates correctly he's a mean blur on the field. Even though he began as a DL he's inconsistent coming off blocks. He shows good overall speed and range and can hold up in coverage.

Much better running linear than laterally but he still possesses plus mobility. Assuming he comes back 100, if he can better take on the block and fit into a system that keeps him free, he'll be a team's leading tackler.

Pro Comparison: Mychal Kendricks


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