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Kareem Hunt Scouting Report

"Compactly built, finishes runs and utilizes the juke stick better than most backs in this class. Biggest detriments are pure speed, fluctuating weight and nagging minor injuries."

Chris Nicoll USA Today



Hunt utilizes the juke stick better than most backs in this class. Springy legs with terrific balance and lean. Good vision. Plenty of pass game experience and a good receiver.

Pass blocking isn't foreign to him. Compactly built and finishes runs. Holds one of the lowest fumble rates of any prospect in recent memory.



Biggest detriment is pure speed. He's not a breakaway guy and his burst is just adequate. His weight has fluctuated and he's dealt with nagging minor injuries. Also served a suspension as a junior.



Hunt showed up to senior week practices noticeably leaner then he looked during the season. And he was leaner this season than his previous one. Hunt is one of the better bets to produce in this class.

He's been a very productive guy at Toledo each year while dealing with some minor adversity. He prepared his body better his senior season and it showed. He's got a C.J. Anderson, Ray Rice vibe to him. I think he'll end up outproducing some of the more touted backs ranked ahead of him.

Pro Comparison: Duce Staley


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