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Jaleel Johnson Scouting Report

"Late bloomer that came through with a strong senior year. Quick off the snap with a good motor, but gets neutralized against power guys and needs to improve upper body strength."

Charlie Neibergall AP



Comes to play every game and brings a high motor. Quick off the snap and covers ground with a good closing burst. Uses good technique with his hands to rip, lock out or disengage.

Stout, rarely walked back and generally holds up vs the double. Engaging personality and team leader.



Occasionally high and loses push. Physically strong opponents can tie him up. Neutralized against power guys and needs to improve upper body strength. Mostly a two down guy until his senior year. Limited athlete despite ability to create push.



Johnson took awhile but really stepped his game up as a senior. Primarily a 2 down guy before his last year, he blossomed into a good interior rusher to close his college career. He’s a reliable interior defender who can play the run and get a push. Carries a big motor and personality and will be a valuable locker room guy.

Pro Comparison: Brandon Mebane


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