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Tyquan Thornton Scouting Report

"Carries a lot of untapped potential with quick feet, elite ball skills, speed and length. The rub is that he's slight and plays like it."



High cut, speed receiver with length. Wide catch radius. Sprints off the line and can get behind the defense at ease. Quick feet and regularly makes the first defender miss.

Flashes ability to catch in a crowd and can make difficult grabs. Generates pace in the open field if given space. Scrappy blocker.

Thornton has the attributes of a sleeper star in the NFL if his play strength improves. Because his speed, ball skills and foot quickness all show out.



High cut in and out of breaks and ran a limited route tree. Inconsistent playing through contact across the route and at the catch point.



Thornton carries a lot of untapped potential. He's a blazer with quick feet, solid ball skills, and length. While he ran a fairly limited route tree at Baylor he's flashed the ability to be a dangerous route runner with his quick feet and burst.

At this point the rub is that he's too slight and can get knocked around by physical corners throughout the route. He's a major sleeper prospect if he gets stronger as a pro and avoid whatever in the hell happened to alum freak athlete Devin Mims.

NFL Comp: DJ Chark



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