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Deonte Banks Scouting Report

"Liquid hips corner with elite overall athletic ability and flashes physicality in press. The rub is that he's a relatively inexperienced one year wonder, already suffered nagging injuries and comes off like Lisa Loud."



Scheme diverse corner with liquid hips, good size and impressive athletic ability. Shoots his hands at the los and has the feet and agility to stick to guys through the route.

Elite lateral agility and hips. Can run with anyone and recover from mistakes. Flashes angry hands. Willing tackler filling against the run.



Loses guys at the top of the route despite superior athletic ability. Doesn't anticipate routes or track the ball particularly well. Aggressive but lacks sand as a tackler, takes poor angles, and gets run through.

Suffered shoulder injury that killed his 21' season. One year wonder. Carries an oddball, offbeat personality that could come across as off-putting.



Scheme diverse one year wonder with liquid hips, good size and top tier athletic ability. Banks is comfortable in press and zone and flashes shut down skills. The catch is that he's relatively inexperienced and hasn't been a playmaker.

He not a ballhawk and isn't particularly physical, but his anticipation shows flashes and he'll likely get better with experience and coaching.

Worth noting is his personality, which is a bit different than your typical football guy. Not precisely a red flag but chemistry in the locker room and on the field might be more of a challenge for him than the next guy.

NFL Comp: Vontae Davis



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