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Cedric Tillman Scouting Report

"Big framed, sudden guy with man hands that wins in a crowd but isn't fast or fluid and needs a winning route plan to succeed."



Big framed, sudden receiver with man hands. Gets into his route quickly and has good short area quickness for a big wideout. Flashes physicality in his route and can dominate 50/50 situations.

Generally reliable hands and adept catching in traffic. Good blocker that utilizes his size. Angry and talented after the catch. Clutch.



Isn't a blazer nor a fluid mover. If a defender anticipates his plan he's basically done. Suffered lower leg injury that nagged him his senior season.



Tillman's a physical guy with a big frame and generally rock solid hands. He's adept at boxing out and using his frame to make traffic catches. His initial quickness and light feet are above board for his size.

That said, he's not fast and/or slippery in and out of his breaks and defenders with good anticipation can obstruct his plan. He's tough and shown he can make catches in a crowd but with the ratchet up in physicality and athleticism in the pros I'm skeptical he'll dramatically raise up his game past that of a role player.

NFL Comp: Tre'Quan Smith



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