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Skyy Moore Scouting Report

"Sturdy, lateral agility artist with strong hands. The hitch is that he's not as fast or as explosive as he's tested."



Compact, sturdy, lateral agility artist with strong hands. Good foot quickness and shows little wasted movements into routes.

Fearless in the middle of the field and wins contested catches. Yac generator and turns into a RB with the ball in his hands. Gritty blocker for his size.



Size and length challenged. Quicker than fast and speedy defenders can recover position. Limited route tree.



Moore's a physical, shifty, running back sized receiver with good ball skills. Possesses controlled quickness and can set up his lateral breaks efficiently.

He's strong in a crowd and tracks balls well in the air. Polished route runner but had a limited route tree at Western Michigan. Despite his timed speed however, he's not a blazer and is more quick than fast.

NFL Comp: Dwayne Harris



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