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Pierre Strong Scouting Report

"A blur into the hole and can run away from guys in the open. The rub is that he's tight hipped, lacks sand and isn't a pile pusher."



Urgent, linear runner with good feet and solid contact balance at the snap. Outpaces opponents and can be a blur into the hole and run away from guys in the open field.

Generally sound vision. Works to stay square to the los and exploits any bit of room. Good receiver with ball skills.



Can lack patience and run into contact. Tight hipped and lateral mobility is limited. Doesn't string moves together in the open field.

Lacks sand and isn't a pile pusher. Deliberate route runner that tips his hand. Inconsistent pass pro.



Strong has elite burst, quick feet and will exploit lanes for chunk yardage or house calls. He's a downhill guy with solid vision and enough change of direction to slip tackles.

That said, he's not a physical yard after contact guy and lacks sand to finish with power. Besides his speed, he's not especially elusive and his pad level gets high in space. Possesses soft hands but lacks nuance as an outlet receiver.

NFL Comp: Marlon Mack



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