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Micah Parsons Scouting Profile

"Sudden all over the field and physical at the poa, but lacks great anticipation at this point and isn't a technician out there."



Sudden and mobile all over the field. Drops smoothly and has good lateral mobility. Impressive click & close in space. Likes to get up in the box and is physical in tight spaces.

No hesitation in traffic and attacks the ball carrier. Elite in pursuit. Long armed and flashes solid shed strength. Experience covering in the slot and has good feet and awareness.



Not a technician. Forgets he has vines for arms and tries to slip rather than take on. Can false step and over pursue. Inconsistent motor.



Big, fast, with a generally good motor, Parsons makes plays at every level. He's quick and physical in the box and attacks the ball. In space, he's smooth and quick, showing flashes of good coverage ability. As an edge he can maintain vs the run and has the suddenness and strength to pass rush but is more effective as a blitzer than taking on.

Parson's natural talent shows out but he's not a technician and doesn't have the greatest instincts. He crashes around with physicality and speed but not often with a plan. His motor fluctuates and he can just go through the motions at times.

If he gradually improves his anticipation he ought to end up an all pro. Outside of that, he's still a fast, physical presence that ought to show up in a variety of ways. As a pro, complacency might be his biggest impediment.

NFL Comp. faster Jamie Collins



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