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Matt Landers Scouting Report

"Sleeper with a rare skillset of length, downfield speed and short area quickness but can frustratingly struggle with ball skills and the physicality of the position."



Long framed, speed WR with quick feet. Has gears and impressive run after the catch ability for a tall receiver. Flashes good ball skills in space and can rescue bad passes.

Releases well and gets on his route in a hurry. Cod is impressive for his frame. Flashes physical blocking ability.


"Landers can look like a special talent one play..and a jag the next. His physical skill set is staggering but he occasionally just can't track the ball. If a team can unlock an eye of the tiger in him, he'll be a steal."



Often awful in contested catch situations. Has key focus drops and can struggle to track the ball. Not clutch.



Former Georgia standout recruit, Landers is a special talent with the ability to make game changing plays.. but too often just doesn't. He's got a rare skillset of length, downfield speed and short area quickness. And he flashes some physicality as a blocker and on his releases.

The rub is that he struggles making catches through contact and correspondingly making critical plays when his number's called. That said, with improved play strength inside a quality passing scheme he remains a potential diamond in the rough.

NFL Comp: dormant Christian Watson



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