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Matt Corral Scouting Report

"Top tier runner for the position with a blink fast, consistent delivery, but is prone to missing layups and lapses into hero ball."



Quick release, accurate, spread passer with running ability and old school toughness. Blink fast, consistent delivery and can make all the throws. Flashes ability to progression read.

Adept scrambler that can avoid sure sacks and is a dangerous running threat with open field ability and speed. Changes arm angles comfortably and throws well on the run. Resilient character guy that's easy to root for.

Corral's a top tier runner for the position that can elude sure sacks in the pocket and can turn into a skinny Taysom Hill after the handoff.



Gets mechanical and doesn't see out in front of throws. Lacks precision and can miss layups. Has hero ball lapses and flashes questionable decision making.

Lacks sheer size and strength for his style of play and has suffered nagging injuries. Streaky deep ball proficiency.



Corral has a lot of traits to build on and offers a similar skill set to a Dak Prescott or Marcus Mariota coming out of similar spread schemes.

His recognition of coverage is lacking at times leading to mistakes but his mobility potentially provides a solid counter weight. Similar to scrambling QB's of late like Watson, Kyler or Russell, the ability to buy time could make up for missed reads.

The core question is how he'll develop his ability to turn reads and anticipate.

NFL Comp. tougher Marcus Mariota



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