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Kayvon Thibodeaux Scouting Report

"A sprinter to the QB with power, size and a high motor. However, lacks precision with his technique and brings a love him or hate him personality that's prone to cause distractions."



Explodes out of his stance with leverage. Strong and can bully his path to the ball. Possesses open field speed and can close ground quickly. God tier motor and chases everywhere on the field. Decent recognition and flashes sound anticipation.

Comfortable in space with plus speed. Tough and plays through nagging aches and pain. Engaging personality that should be an asset in the locker room and community.

I feel like the inconsistent motor or takes plays off take on Thibideaux is a bit of a false narrative. I watched numerous times where he goes so hard almost unnecessary.



Lacks ideal size and fluidity. Hand work is rudimentary and he can stick to blocks. Full power play style invites injuries.

Outspoken, showy, and could be prone to creating off field distractions.



Thibodeaux sprints to the QB off the snap with speed, power and a forever motor. He lacks precision and moves but his all in approach and athleticism make up for it. That said, technicians can tie him up and he'll need improved hand work to better utilize his strength.

He's comfortable in space and has above average speed sideline to sideline despite some hip tightness. Doesn't lack for personality and could be a lightening rod for fans and teammates attracting fans and haters.

NFL Comp: Justin Houston



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