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Jermaine Johnson Scouting Report

"Grew into a superstar prospect at FSU as a knotted up, quick closer with hands, power and speed. Consistent physicality at the poa is the challenge, however."



Explosive linear & lateral quickness on a sturdy frame. Long armed, strong with his hands and flashes the ability to shed quickly. Flashes an effective bull rush.

Adept at setting the edge versus the run and can chase down the ball in space. Diagnoses effectively. Plus mobility in space. Breaks down well and rarely misses tackles. Solid motor.

As essentially a role player at Georgia in 2020, #11 Johnson still flashed the skill set that eventually showed out at FSU.



Can go through the motions and pull his punches on contact. Tight hipped and lacks ideal fluidity. One year wonder.

Johnson's tallies are well rounded but uninspiring. It's the flashes of pure dominance that he flirts with on film and that he kept on in post season evals that have his stock marching.



Johnson transferred from Georgia and grew into a superstar prospect at FSU. He's noticeably more fluid and powerful at the poa than he was at Athens. He's become a knotted up, quick closer that defeats blocks with an array of hands, power and speed. His appearance at the Senior Bowl practices was a shining display of dominance.

The knock is that he's not consistently quite that dominant on film... although don't tell that to Boston College. He tends to slow play at times and really just go through the motions. He'll let up with his heavy hands and stall on contact. He's also a one year wonder that simply didn't look nearly as dominant on a talent laden Georgia squad.

I think Johnson was making business decisions at FSU and simply picking and choosing when to turn it on.....when he flicked the switch, he dominated.

NFL Comp: DeMarcus Lawrence



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