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James Cook Scouting Report

"Urgent, breakaway speed and exploits space but plays like a scat back and hasn't been anything more than a spot duty guy at Georgia."



Spot duty, scat back with urgent breakaway speed. Exploits space and has elusiveness in the open field.

Soft hands and is a reliable receiver out of the backfield. Has come up with chunk plays in big games.

Cook is dangerous with the ball in the open field but he's quick to go down on first contact and doesn't play with near the play strength as his older brother.



Lightweight, finesse play style and goes down on first contact. Limited pass pro guy. was never trusted for a full time role in 4 seasons. Lacks precision as a route runner out of the backfield and slot.



Cook looks like his brother in the open field and is a chunk play threat when given space. But unlike his brother, his contact balance and play strength is significantly different. He lacks physicality and is generally looking for a place to fall down as an inside and outside runner.

Possesses soft hands and decent ball skills but hasn't developed his route running despite being utilized almost exclusively as a receiving back at Georgia. Has a big play skill set and decent size but was nothing more than a spot starter his entire career in Athens and routinely passed on the depth chart by lesser talented guys.

NFL Comp: Jason Huntley



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