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Jalen Pitre Scouting Report

"Former LB that's a playmaker with leadership traits. Attacks the run with abandon and anticipates vs the pass. The only drawback might be a lack of pure speed."



Adept coverage guy with size and reliable tackling ability. Fills versus run with passion. Good awareness and technique in both man and off coverage.

Solid ball skills and a playmaker with leadership traits. Stood out at Senior week practices and tested well on the track.

Pitre dominates the run but he also shoots into passing lanes and flashes the ability to anticipate routes. 1 on 1 at senior practices demonstrated his upside as an all around defender.



Lacks top tier speed.



Former LB sometimes looks and plays like a CB. Has lined up out wide in coverage although primarily in the slot. Retains the physicality and aggression of his linebacker time and attacks the run.

Anticipation and awareness in coverage is outstanding and makes up for what appears like just adequate speed.

NFL Comp: thick Jordan Poyer



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