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Jahan Dotson Scouting Report

"Bantam weight that plays big and clutch but isn't especially explosive and gets hemmed up by physical, athletic technicians."



Short bantam weight that plays big and clutch. High points and consistently wins 50/50 opportunities. Impressive ball skills and hops. Effective blocker.

Solid route runner and can be deceptive. Hits top speed in a blink. Adept open field runner with quick feet. High character guy on and off the field.



Lacking a good bit of size and speed. Isn't especially explosive and gets hemmed up by good, athletic technicians.



Dotson's a big game performer that high points with vice grips like Tyler Lockett. He's a talented runner with the ball in his hands with EV acceleration and quick feet. That said, he's lacking overall explosiveness and needs to win with deception to get separation.

Quality CBs that can run can smother him. He's hard nosed despite his stature and a solid blocker in the run game. He's a good hands guy and should also be a stand out punt returner.

NFL Comp: Jamison Crowder



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