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Isaiah Spiller Scouting Report

"Rugged cutback runner with good feet and top tier receiving ability who's only rub is that he's not fast."



Versatile, power runner with top tier receiving ability. Unique ability to reset leverage despite his upright running style. Runs with pace into the hole with good cutback ability.

Changes direction effectively and shows good overall vision. Impressive ball skills and experienced catching out of the backfield. Competes as a blocker and is assignment sound.

Spiller tested below average but his film shows a bursty, powerful runner with quick feet. When you add the receiving ability..he's hard to dislike.



Runs out of gas in the open field, lacking ideal breakaway speed. Tested like a jag.



Spiller's been an SEC producer since his true freshman. He's a rugged cutback runner with good feet and impressive receiving ability. Flashes deceptiveness in tight spaces with good foot quickness and vision.

Bursts into openings and has open field elusiveness. Effective blocker though not a monster there. The sole rub on Spiller imo is that he's just not a particularly fast guy.

NFL Comp: 220lb Steven Jackson



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