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Garrett Wilson Scouting Report

"Sudden acrobat with ball skills and juice in and out of his breaks but doesn't play to his timed speed and isn't big or physical."



Sudden acrobat with ball skills and elite cod. Deceptive speed and has juice in and out of his breaks. Catches in traffic and regularly wins 50/50 opportunities. Sudden after the catch and consistently makes the first guy miss. Clutch. Tenacious blocker that enjoys confrontations.



Not especially fast despite timed speed and not big or physical. Focus drops are an occasional issue.

Cat quick and combative, but Wilson is slight and can be bullied at the line and throughout his route.



Wilson is a big game, acrobatic pass catcher with deceptive lateral quickness and open field mobility. His ball skills and body control are special. He's generally fearless and traffic and adept at adjusting to the ball. He's tough to track as a route runner and utilizes his change of direction and burst to find separation.

What he's not doing is running away from anyone, roughing anyone up through his route or off the line. He's a slot type with quickness and generally reliable hands that should be a tough cover 1 on 1 and a chain mover but not a exactly a #1 type explosive receiver.

NFL Comp: Sterling Shepard



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