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Erik Ezukanma Scouting Report

"Long armed, 6'2 guy that catches everything and is a physical yac threat. The hitch is that he needs to learn a pro route tree and lacks speed."



Good sized, lengthy WR with vice hands and elite ball skills. Stops and starts impressively and is a good yac threat with the ball in his hands.

Considerably stronger than he looks and a chore to bring down. Wins in traffic and 50/50. Physical in and out of breaks. Earnest blocker that flashes good blocking ability.



Not especially explosive or fast and won't run by most. High in and out of his breaks. Ran a limited tree at Tech and needs experience. Has taken viscous hits and flashes some timidness.



Ezukanma has strong hands and catches everything in his radius. Initial quickness with surprising power enables him to be a solid yac threat although he rarely strings moves together in the open. He stops and starts on a dime and can set up defenders on down field routes despite average speed.

He gets into top speed quickly although he's definitely not a burner. His route tree in TT's raid scheme was especially limited and he'll need exposure to a pro route tree.

He's high cut and tall in and out of breaks, but his short area quickness compensates. He'll need better pad level to be a more efficient separator.

NFL Comp: Michael Clayton



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