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Bryce Young Scouting Report

"Superior arm talent smurf that plays with top tier field awareness and poise but will be the smallest QB ever drafted in the first round and doesn't have a big arm."



Superior arm talent smurf with mobility. A ball placement king that can cast it anywhere on the field. Has a quick release and is adept at throwing high difficulty, wrong foot, poor body position, or on the move all net fades.

Sees the field well, can draw defenders off and makes full field reads. Mobile with a burst and can scramble effectively or go get a first down. Flashes anticipation diagnosing defenses. Flashes playmaking flair. Mature, cool headed, leader on and off the field.

Young's ability to throw awkward, off schedule strikes is Aaron Rodgers-esque. It's not near as high powered but it's often perfect casting.

His arm is just adequate, but with his ideal timing and accuracy, Young can shoot some spiderwebs out there.



Just an adequate arm. Smurf sized and goes down on first contact with shoe strings. Ball security on contact isn't great. Suffered a shoulder injury on his 20th start.



Young is an impressive arm talent on a less than impressive frame. He's got a quick release and can alter arm angles and velocity while maintaining accuracy. He stands in against pressure or scrambles out and can throw perfect fades.

All that said, it's fades because he doesn't have special arm strength and defenders will test his velocity much more as a pro. He's rarely playing through contact at his size and is nullified by a stray paw or club congestion around him.

His arm talent, pocket mobility, and on/ off field assured poise is Aaron Rogers-like imo but with his stature and arm strength it's a bit off the mark. There was a guy back in the day though that shared that arm talent, poise and diminutive frame.

NFL Comp: Joe Montana-esque



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