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Dan Faalele Scouting Report

"Frost giant of a man with above average linear mobility ...the drawback is that he doesn't have the feet or experience for pass pro and can becomes a turnstyle."



Absolute frost giant of a man with above average linear mobility. Carries weight well and can fire out into the second level and hit targets. Obliterates targets when he has a head of steam. Better technician than expected for his experience level. Flashes finishing ability.



Sluggish laterally mobility, can't redirect and can be a turnstile. Doesn't sustain. Initial punch is often weak...he stalemates and can get rocked at the poa. Often a liability in pass pro and needs to anticipate with technique to be effective.



Faalele is a gargantuan OT with limited experience but his technique is better than expected for a guy that started playing the game as a HS senior. He's at his best on the move downhill and becomes a locomotive in the open field. That said, his physicality doesn't show up at the poa. He's high, doesn't generate much push or sustain blocks. He doesn't have the feet for pass pro and needs to employ his length and technique to hold up.

Increased strength and consistent pad level could make him a formidable run blocker but he's still a work in progress there. Pass pro could be an even bigger hurtle but it's encouraging his technique is as sound as it is for his experience level. He's a clear, high risk, high reward OL prospect.

NFL Comp: Langston Walker



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