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Christian Watson Scouting Report

"Length and lateral quickness for days along with 4.3 speed.. Watson projects as a #1 WR but needs better precision and strength to see his potential."



Long, wiry receiver with unique lateral agility and good deep speed. Quick footed and employs his gears into routes. Acrobatic ability with good ball skills.

Dangerous yac threat with a first step, contact balance and vision in the open field. Experienced, adept kick returner. Has a healthy stiff arm. Angry, effective blocker that can embarrass sleeping DB's.

Watson's a unique speed receiver in that he's especially hard nosed and aggressive. Areas of his game lack precision but the athletic traits and mentality are ideal.



Route running is a work in progress. Thin, high cut frame and doesn't consistently box out or win contested catches. Focus drops.

Upright yac runner with an aggressive style that subjects himself to unnecessary punishment.



Watson has the physical attributes to be a dangerous cover in man to man. He has length and lateral quickness for days but also the pure speed to run past guys.

His route running has been limited but it improved noticeably his senior year and he was virtually uncover-able 1 on 1 at Senior Week practices.

NFL Comp: skinny Jordy Nelson



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