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Calvin Austin Scouting Report

"Speedy wolverine with strong hands and ball skills that could overcome his length limitations with more precise route running."



Blistering quick feet and speed wolverine with strong hands. Explodes out of his stance, and can cross over and stutter guys into oblivion. Solid core strength and makes plays in traffic despite his size.

Threatening deep speed. Good ball skills and adjusts and tracks the ball well. Chunk play threat with the ball in his hands and has return ability.

#4 Austin's explosiveness and foot work off the line can be a lot to handle. Sauce Gardner did as well as anyone but had some issues.



Length challenged. Ran a limited route tree at Memphis and lacks precision. Tactile corners are a challenge. Overaged.



Austin's an explosive receiver that plays bigger and stronger than his size. He's proportionately built and has the core strength to win through contact.

Employs blistering quick feet and deceptiveness as a route runner with immense upside to broaden and perfect his route tree as a pro.

NFL Comp: trim Rondale Moore



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