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Brian Branch Scouting Report

"Twitched up slot corner with hands that's physical enough to play either safety position but lacks good anticipation in space and isn't a blazing runner."



Twitched up slot defender with strong hands. Smothering press ability at the los vs slot receivers and TEs. Physical tackler that carries a pop.

Good burst and a reliable open field tackler. Has plenty man and zone coverage experience. Good football awareness and mature on and off the field.



Lacks ideal anticipation in zone and can't mirror match in man. Adequate speed but isn't a blazer and can get run away from. Lined up almost exclusively as a slot defender and lacks feel for the single high spot.



Branch is essentially a strong slot corner that's physical enough to play safety. He's adept at getting a strike in at the snap and can rock anyone from Wideouts to TEs. However, if they get out clean he's susceptible to separation.

While he's athletic to run with most he lacks route anticipation and ideal foot quickness. Displays solid football awareness on run fits and is quick to the ball carrier. Has leadership qualities and ought to be a locker room and community stand out.

NFL Comp: lightweight Patrick Chung



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