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Breece Hall Scouting Report

"Tough, durable, reliable, RB with top tier running technique and breakaway speed. If there's a downside, it's that he doesn't run as physically as his size suggests."



Top tier athlete with deceptive quickness and good vision. Impressively patient and hangs in for creases to exploit. Breakaway threat in the open field. Can run through tackles with momentum.

Good hands and ball skills and an asset as an outlet receiver. Rarely put the ball on the ground. Tough, durable and reliable as they come.

Hall's vision and cod quickness are evident throughout his film and when he anticipates correctly he's out the gate.


While he's generally patient to the point of being hesitant, he does show the ability to hit it and go. Here he still hiccups initially but his acceleration still stands out.



Lacks thump & violence and isn't moving any piles. Has tread after amassing over 800 touches in 3 seasons. Strength deficient in pass pro.

Hall often runs like a smaller back. Here Baylor's Bernard eats him up 1 on 1 in the hole.



Hall is a smooth, explosive runner with notable patience and running technique. He picks and probes but has deceptive speed to turn the corner or exploit a crease.

Flashes efficiency but rarely explodes at the snap although he clearly has the acceleration to do so. He's more of a Le'Veon Bell style power scheme runner than downhill zone runner. He shows the ability to run through tackles at the 2nd level but isn't a violent runner or a pile pusher.

He's been remarkably durable and secure with the ball at Iowa St and projects similarly as a pro.

NFL Comp: bigger Lamar Miller



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