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Aidan Hutchinson Scouting Report

"Prototype 43 DE that exudes J.J. Watt like ethic and passion for the game. Wins with get off, hands, technique and a forever motor but has sacrificed bulk for lean mass and lacks some lower body power."



Prototype 43 DE with get off, powerful hands, length, technique and a forever motor. Regularly the first guy off the snap.

Rips lesser powered guys with heavy hands. Improved fluidity and can flash slippery technique. Utilizes his length, quickness and an array of moves to get through. Fires off with leverage and can initially hold the edge.

Competent in space and scheme versatile. Capable of playing in odd and even fronts or standing up off the edge.

In week grinder with good awareness and anticipation on game day. Leader that exudes J.J. Watt like ethic and passion for the game.

While some view Hutchinson's 21' season as a breakout year ....had he declared last year, I would've taken him before teammate Kwity Paye. He's tremendously impactful even if it doesn't show on the stat sheet.



Needs to employ proper leverage or he'll get walked back. Fluidity has improved but he's still tight hipped. Arm length is a little less than ideal.

If this college playoff game is considered one of Hutchinson's worst games, as some seem to suggest....I think it's easy to see why he's a top of the draft prospect.



Hutchinson started his career at Ann Arbor as more of an interior 5 technique but leaned up the last two seasons and transformed into an ideal even front edge prospect with the potential to stand up as a hybrid as well.

He's quick off the snap and batters blockers with leverage, hands and hustle. He's adept playing both the run or the pass and consistently finds his way into the backfield. While not always pretty in space he's effective and can drop and run to the ball.

Where he's lacking somewhat is lower body power and general flexibility. He needs ideal technique to avoid getting rooted out if his initial shock and awe is handled. And while he flashes some slippery ability, he's not bending around tackles as much as discarding them or out leveraging them.

Hutchinson projects as a reliable difference maker upfront regardless if he's filling a stat sheet or not.

NFL Comp: taller Maxx Crosby



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