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Trysten Hill Scouting Report

"Explosive initial quickness and a great forever motor but lacks power and discipline and can get rooted out."



Explosive initial quickness and a forever motor. Fires off the ball in a blink and doesn't let up until until the whistle. Flashes some hands and has a powerful initial punch.

Can get skinny and shoot openings. Keeps feet moving and never satisfied.

Hustle chaser all over the field. Top notch change of direction and mobility for a big man. Shined in athletic testing and on field drills at the combine.



Lacks power and routinely gets rooted out of his spot. On the ground a lot and lacks some balance.

Tends to get high or leave his feet in pursuit. Has fat potential after cutting a lot of weight prior to his junior year.

Lost his starting spot his last season despite an uptick in production and reportedly wasn't loved by the new coaching staff. Rumored to have maturity issues, mouthy and showed up coaches.


Hill hits the gas hard on every play and can be a playmaker in the backfield, as evidenced by this short series of clips. But in his relentless pursuit he can lose his fundamentals and sacrifice his balance and gap integrity.



Hill appeared to me to have cut a considerable amount of weight prior to his junior year and became a much more explosive interior rusher last year. He's got impressive first step quickness and an over the top motor with decent maneuverability at his current size.

He's basically a bulky DE with flashing power and great hustle with scheme versatility... assuming he buys in.

He lacks strength and balance right now and gets held up at the los if his quickness is matched.

Character wise, Hill might have some Micheal Bennett to him. He lost playing time as a junior despite his productivity reportedly due to drama with coaches and his scheme fit.

NFL Comp: bigger Sheldon Day


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