Josh Jackson Scouting Notes

"The best playmaking CB in college last season. Lacks polish and experience, but his click & close ability, instincts and ball skills can't be taught."

Wisconsin Press


Long corner with great awareness and first step quickness. Tremendous ball skills. 50/50 balls are his and he makes highlight high difficulty grabs. Good speed. Good instincts and anticipates well. Clutch and was a playmaker in big games.


Willing but a soft, drag down tackler. Recovery speed is a little lacking. Not effective or experienced in press. One year wonder with raw technique.


Jackson was easily the best playmaking CB in college last season. His click & close ability, anticipation and ball skills put him consistently around the ball. He's a one year wonder, albeit a monster year. His technique is a work in progress but you can't teach his instincts and ball skills.

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