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Josh Allen Scouting Report

"The team that drafts Josh Allen high will be putting a lot of faith in their ability to get him to replicate the wow throws and greatly minimize the ugh throws."



Big, strong guy with an elite rocket arm and mobility. Can make every throw, including many most QBs can't, and stick it in the smallest of windows. Sudden mover and tough to bring down in and out of the pocket. Can throw on the run well particuliarly to his right. Experienced in a pro style system. Smart, engaging and has reportedly impressed on the white board in interviews.

Rips an out from the far hash here.

Beautiful step through and drops a dime on the run here.



Stares down targets and makes poor decisions. Inconsistent accuracy. Lacks anticipation. Mobile but has stiff hips and gets awkward trying to be elusive. When he started throwing bad in a game, it almost always got worse. Not one to work out of a bad stretch...caves.

Clearly favors his right. Rarely slides and takes crushing hits. Had reconstructive surgery on his throwing shoulder. Really struggled vs better competition.

The two clips here touch on how Allen routinely starred down his targets allowing defenders to read the ball.

Allen favors his right when scrambling and throwing on the run. He's rarely had success moving left. On this clip he's forced left and struggles to reset, eventually awkwardly push passing it out of bounds.



Allen is statuesque, smart, has an elite arm, impressive mobility and has flashed rare franchise traits. But he's also been terribly inaccurate and an awful decision maker over his career. Many compare his physical tools to top tier talents like Cam Newton, Luck, or Wentz. But those toolsy guys actually played well in college. They won games and had stellar tape.

An NFL team taking Allen high will be asking him to do something he’s never been able to do at accurate, be consistent and be a game manager. It's a significant gamble. That said, although I'm critical of him, there's no questioning the upside he carries.

This is probably the best throw I've seen Allen make...

It's a rare scramble to his left, and he resets his feet and throws a fairly accurate strike. Everything about Allen is a tease.

But he's smart and he's selling himself really well in interviews and white board work. He's reportedly got a good football IQ and he's self critical. With his generational skill set, that has a lot of teams sold. They think they're getting another Wentz.

There's probably also a storybook or cultural factor. The guy was raised on a freaking farm, is smart, has rare size/speed and has one of the biggest arms ever. That's irresistible to an old school football guy.

The team that tales him high will be putting a lot of faith in their ability to get him to replicate the wow throws and greatly minimize the uggh throws. I think he’s easily the biggest boom/bust guy in this class and a potential job killer for the decision maker that rolls the dice.


NFL Comp: pro ready Logan Thomas

At one point Logan Thomas looked like a future potential #1 overall pick. But a horrid final two seasons sent him down draft boards. His upside still garnered a 3rd round pick however. Allen's upside is similarly putting his draft stock well above where his film shows him to be.

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