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College Week 10 Standouts

QB Jarrett Stidham, Auburn

Stidham had the best game of his career in the win vs A&M on Saturday. His deep ball accuracy and overall accuracy was eye popping. He's always had good physical tools...strong arm and running ability..but he's becoming a more poised and accurate thrower this year.

Only a RS Soph so he's likely returning next year but he'll be squarely in the discussion for the #1 QB in 19'.

S Mike Edwards, Kentucky

Edwards isn't the biggest or flashiest guy but he's steady and athletic. He's fast, changes directions well, can man cover and is a secure tackler; he leads Kentucky in tackles this year.

The only knock right now is that he basically lacks sand in his pants when he comes up to tackle. But given the current rules, smacking a guy to the ground isn't much of a benefit anyways.

DT Poona Ford, Texas

Ford is undersized at 5'11 but reliably carries 310 pounds. He's not surprisingly stout at the point but also has the mobility to track and rush some. He consistently gets leverage and push from the interior. He stood out upfront in the loss to TCU. He finished with 7 tackles, 1.5 tfl's and half a sack.


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