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College Week 7 Standouts

RB Damien Harris, Alabama

Harris has earned the top spot in a talented Bama backfield. He keeps demonstrating he's a game breaker, along with the power and vision that was expected. It's always hard to gauge Bama RBs behind that line but Harris appears like the real deal.

RG Tyler Mitchell, Kansas St

The Wildcats got thumped by TCU but I thought RG Mitchell had a great game. Nothing spectacular but he steady re-accommodates in the run game and doesn't give much at all in pass protection.

Here marches back the DT on a pass rush. Only a RS Soph but he's one to keep an eye on.

DT Renell Wren, Arizona St

Wren shares time inside and on the nose but I was impressed with his consistent initial push throughout in this one; on the nose here.

And here he takes on the Huskies LG and stuffs the run. He's a good mover with size as well. The Sun Devils defense hasn't done much but I wouldn't be surprised if Wren wrestles more an more time from the senior starter Smallwood.

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