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Houston Texans

Houston Texans

(12) Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson

(57) Zach Cunningham, LB Vanderbilt   

(89) D'Onta Foreman, RB, Texas

(130) Julie'n Davenport, OT, Bucknell    

(142) Carlos Watkins, DT, Clemson   

(169) Treston Decoud, S, Oregon St.  

(243) Kyle Fuller, C Baylor



LB Dylan Cole, Missouri State

DT Eli Ankou, UCLA

CB Malik Smith, San Diego State

WRJustin Hardee, Illinois

LB Avery Williams, Temple

OT Dimitiric Camiel,Indiana

WR Deante Gray, TCU

LB Dayon Pratt,East Carolina

DT Matt Godin, Michigan

RB Dare Ogunbowale, Wisconsin

WR Riley McCarron, Iowa

OG Joseph Scelfo NC State

TE Zach Conque, SFA

WR Shaq Hill, E. Washington

DB T.J. Mutcherson, UCF

OG Jake Simonich, Utah State

DE T.J. Daniel, Oregon

DT Daniel Ross, N.E. Mississippi

S Dee Virgin, West Alabama

LB Joe "Jojo" Mathis, Washington

DE Rickey Hatley, Missouri

TE Evan Baylis, Oregon

LB Gimel President, Illinois

CB Malik Foreman, Tennessee


Texans were in a unique position entering the draft after unloading their would be franchise QB, then expecting to acquire the Cowboys Romo....only to be left at the altar. It left them in limbo and dictated their approach to the draft. I think they clearly reached for Watson. He has great intangibles and a solid skill set but I think the Texans are trying to conjure another Dak Prescott. And I don’t think Watson is that. 2nd round LB Cunningham was a great pick up even if it wasn’t a major position of need.


Foreman’s a solid get in the 3rd. He’s a size/speed guy that fits but he’s also carrying some questions regarding ball security, work ethic, and lateral ability. OT Davenport and DT Watkins are solid prospects that project as major contributors down the road. Decoud is a solid late round CB to S convert with size who’ll have to prove he can stay concussion free on special teams to earn a role. Fuller struggled senior week but has the physical make up to play in the league.


Interestingly the Texans didn't find an edge rusher. Most considered it a primary team need. UDFA OLB Dylan Cole tested well and may have a good opportunity to stick.


Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts

(15) Malik Hooker, S, Ohio St.    

(46) Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida

(80) Tarell Basham, DE, Ohio

(137) Zach Banner, OG, USC

(143) Marlon Mack, RB, South Florida   

(144) Grover Stewart DT, Albany St. (GA)     

(158) Nate Hairston, CB Temple    

(161) Anthony Walker Jr. LB, Northwestern



TE Darrell Daniels, Washington

QB Phillip Walker, Temple

RB Dalton Crossan, New Hampshire

WR Bug Howard, North Carolina

RB Brandon Radcliff, Louisville

OL Chris Muller, Rutgers

OG Jerry Ugokwe, William & Mary

OG Deyshawn Bond, Cincinnati

TE Colin Jeter, LSU

WR Trey Griffey, Arizona

WR Jerome Lane, Akron

RB Jakori Ford, Idaho State

RB Brandon Radcliff, Louisville

DE Jhaustin Thomas, Iowa State

DE Garrett Sickels, Penn State

CB Reggie Porter, Utah

CB Justin Gibbons, Aurora

S Martez Hester, Ball State

S Chris Lyles, Mississippi College

LS, Thomas Hennessy, Duke

K/P, Rigoberto Sanchez, Hawaii

Chris Ballard more or less crushed his first Colts draft. Indianapolis had glaring holes in the secondary going in and came away with a couple of blue chip starters in S Hooker and CB Wilson. They took what they considered the best pass rusher on the board in the 3rd in DE Bashem. OG/OT Banner was exposed senior week and I considered him borderline undraftable. I heard some teams were high on him as an interior guy...and it turns out the Colts were one of them. I’m skeptical. I think he’s just too tall to ever get proper leverage and could be a turnstile for quick guys.


RB Marlon Mack was an underrated prospect and only needs to get stronger and soak up a system before he proves a steal. Small school Stewart generated a lot of pre draft interest. He’s a height/weight project with some short area movement ability. I’m a fan of CB Hairston. I think he’ll outperform his draft position. An ILB could’ve been had earlier, as it’s a looming hole, but LB Anthony Walker could be a find. If he regains his Jr form he’ll be a mid round steal. UDFA’s WR Bug Howard and DE Thomas would be my bets to make the team.


Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars

(4) Leonard Fournette, RB LSU

(34) Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama   

(68) Dawuane Smoot, DE, Illinois

(110) Dede Westbrook WR, Oklahoma   

(148) Blair Brown, LB, Ohio

(222) Jalen Myrick, CB Minnesota   

(240) Marquez Williams, FB Miami (OH)



RB Tim Cook, Oregon State

DE/LB Carroll Phillips, Illinois

WR Kenneth Walker, UCLA.

LB PJ Davis, Georgia Tech

WR Keelan Cole Kentucky Wesleyan College.

WR Amba Etta-Tawo, Syracuse.

S Charlie Miller, Dartmouth

DE/OLB Justin Horton, Jacksonville University

OT Avery Gennesy, Texas A&M

RB I’Tavius Mathers, Middle Tennessee

OL Parker Collins, Appalachian State

CB Ezra Robinson, Tennessee State.

DE Hunter Dimick, Utah

CB Jeremy Cutrer, Middle Tennessee State


Leonard Fournette is an incredible size/speed RB but he's not a slam dunk projection. He'll need fair blocking upfront to occasionally break him to the 2nd level to really dominate. And it's far from a given the Jags line will be a solid run blocking one. OT Cam Robinson will help but he's not as overpowering a run blocker as he appears. He's a big, long, athletic guy with good technique but not great feet or strength.


I felt DE Smoot was one of the most overrated prospects in this class. His supporters felt he had a down senior year but a dominant junior season, and could get that back as a pro. WR Westbrook has a litany of issues and was probably off a lot of boards. WR position also happened to be one of depth for the team. Blair Brown was a solid mid rounder with upside. I think I liked the Jags UDFA’s more than their draft picks. DE Dimick, CBs Cutrer, Robinson, WR Etta Tawo and LB Phillips are all guys I'll keep an eye on this summer.


Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

(5) Corey Davis, WR Western Michigan

(18) Adoree' Jackson, CB, USC

(72) Taywan Taylor, WR Western Kentucky  

(100) Jonnu Smith, TE, Florida International   

(155) Jayon Brown LB UCLA   

(217) Corey Levin, OL, Tennessee-Chattanooga   

(227) Josh Carraway, OLB, TCU  

(236) Brad Seaton, OT, Villanova    

(241) Khalfani Muhammad, RB California



DT DeAngelo Brown, Louisville

WR Bra’Lon Cherry, N.C. State

QB Tyler Ferguson, Western Kentucky

CB John Green, Connecticut

C Jay Guillermo, Clemson

OLB Chris Hale, MTSU

NT Roderick Henderson, Alabama State

SS Denzel Johnson, Texas Christian

RB Akeem Judd, Mississippi

TE Kody Kohl, Arizona State

WR Kevonn Mabon, Ball State

OT Ryan Melton, Texas State

OT Steven Moore, California

WR Giovanni Pascascio, Louisville

OT Jonah Pirsig, Minnesota

LB Johnny Ragin III, Oregon

DE Steven Rhodes, MTSU

SS Aaron Taylor, Ball State

LB Ja'Karri Thomas, Vanderbilt

P Ethan Wood, Wyoming

Titans needed to take the best offensive skill position player available outside of RB at #5 and felt WR Corey Davis was that guy. I think that was a reach. Davis was unable to show anything postseason due to injury but has 4 yrs of film in which he shredded the Mid American conference. I thought Davis was an especially polished technician with solid size, catch radius and athletic ability. But I also thought he feasted on inferior competition. He’s a high floor guy but I’m not sure just how explosive he is and I don’t think his hands are as reliable as you’d expect with his career production.


CB/KR Adoree’ was also a reach. He’s really a better returner at this point than CB. He’s certainly a playmaker but he’s still coming along as a reliable cover guy. Taywan Taylor was a great get in the 3rd. He’s got elite short area quickness, decent size and great hands. It won’t surprise me if he outshines Davis. TE Smith was another solid 3rd rounder. A number of the TEs in this class resembled Jordan Reed and he’s one of them. Brown is a great cover/speed backer and he’ll help in the nickel but his physicality is lacking for a 34 scheme. He’s something like a poor man’s Zach Brown.


OL Levin and Seaton are typical late round OL fliers. Carraway is a solid practice squad type DE/OLB and RB Muhammad has plus speed but jag qualities everywhere else. Titans grabbed a few UDFA that I really like. Louisville DT Brown, OC Guillermo, and DT Henderson were draftable guys imo.


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