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Pittsburgh Steelers

(30) T.J. Watt, OLB, Wisconsin

(62) JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, USC

(94) Cameron Sutton, CB,  Tennessee    

(105) James Conner, RB, Pittsburgh    

(135) Joshua Dobbs, QB, Tennessee   

(173) Brian Allen, DB,  Utah

(213) Colin Holba, LS, Louisville   

(248) Keion Adams, OLB, Western Michigan



Christian Brown, DT, West Virginia

Ethan Cooper, OG, Indiana-Pennsylvania

Francis Kallon, DE, Georgia Tech

Keith Kelsey, LB, Louisville

Scott Orndoff, TE, Pittsburgh

Nick Schuessler, QB, Clemson

Rushel Shell, RB, West Virginia

Terrish Webb, DB, Pittsburgh


Watt is a potentially perfect fit. He’s an all upside guy after just one season as a starter and therefore a fair risk. But his instincts, physicality, hand usage, mentality, and overall athleticism is certainly in the Steeler mode. The team is clearly wagering on his upside after a good, not spectacular, single season as a starting Badger. Schuster was an interesting pick. Coates took a downturn last season and Bryant, even with returning, apparently isn't making anyone a believer. But I’m not a huge fan of Schuster’s play. He looks the part and he’s young but too often I watched smaller guys beat him.


Sutton was plagued by injuries and a ratchet uncle or he would’ve gone higher. He’s a mentally tough all around solid player but lacks big time athletic ability. Speaking of perfect fits..Conner should provide a great counter to Bell. He’s not near the same athlete but he basically can do everything Bell does in a bigger body. Dobbs is no different than a Dennis Dixon. He’s smart and will stick in the league but never rise to be a legit starter.


DB Allen’s a solid later round get. Terrific size and athleticism with the potential to play S or CB. UDFA TE Orndoff was one of my favorite prospects in this class. He’s got soft hands, decent athletic ability, blocks well and is clutch. OG Ethan Cooper could be a find. Good talent small schooler that needs to polish technique and leverage.


Pittsburgh Steelers
Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals

(9) John Ross, WR, Washington

(48) Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma

(73) Jordan Willis, DE/OLB, Kansas St.

(116) Carl Lawson, DE/OLB, Auburn  

(128) Josh Malone, WR, Tennessee

(138) Ryan Glasgow, DT, Michigan  

(153) Jake Elliott, K Memphis   

(176) J.J. Dielman, C, Utah

(193) Jordan Evans, LB, Oklahoma     

(207) Brandon Wilson, RB, Houston

(251) Mason Schreck, TE, Buffalo



LB Brandon Bell  Penn State     

TE Dustin Stanton  Oregon State     

WR Karel Hamilton  Samford     

S Demetrious Cox Michigan State     

FB Darrin Laufasa UTEP     

RB Jarveon Williams  UTSA     

DL Jason Carr  West Georgia     

TE Cethan Carter  Nebraska     

DT Josh Tupou Colorado    

QB Tyler O'Connor Michigan State    

DT Kent Perkins Texas    

LB Hardy Nickerson Illinois     

OL Landon Lechler North Dakota State     

CB Torren McGaster Vanderbilt     

DT Harold Brantley Missouri     

RB Stanley Boom Williams Kentucky    

WR Corey Smith Ohio State     

WR Geno Lewis Oklahoma     


Bengals 1st rounder Ross is kind of a playmaking grenade. He’ll explode but ultimately he could be just a limited short term weapon because of his lengthy injury history. RB Mixon to the Bengals was one of the most obvious projections in the draft. But he’s exactly what the Bengals need assuming he’s dialed in. Although he better ratchet up his physicality as many guys across the league will relish knocking his ass out in retaliation.


I think DE/OLB Willis dropped because he’s an undersized tweener. On film he didn’t quite show the kind of athleticism he tested with. And he wasn’t real effective senior week. DE Lawson and DT Glasgow are heavy motor guys that will contribute if not become full fledged starters. Malone is your typical jag deep threat. K Elliott was unanimously not liked as much as Zane Gonzalez but the Bengals liked his leg, his kickoffs and thought he had the right mental makeup.


I’m a big fan of LB Jordan Evans. He’s a tall safety in a LB body and a solid cover guy. Dielman was a solid late round flier; good value if he gets back to 100 health and head's on straight. Wilson’s a late round homerun threat. UDFA TE/FB Cethan Carter was a guy I was high on. Good blocker with some explosion in and out of his cuts.


Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens

(16) Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama

(47) Tyus Bowser, OLB, Houston

(74) Chris Wormley, DE,  Michigan  

(78) Tim Williams, OLB, Alabama    

(122) Nico Siragusa, OG San Diego St.

(159) Jermaine Eluemunor, OG Texas A&M

(186) Chuck Clark, DB, Virginia Tech



WR Tim Patrick, Utah

S Daniel Henry, New Mexico

WR Quincy Adeboyo, Mississippi

OLB Bam Bradley, Pittsburgh

DT Omarius Bryant, WKU

P Kenny Allen, Michigan

OL Andrew Wylie, EMU

WR/KR Tim White, ASU

WR C.J. Board, UTC

RB Taquan Mizzell, Virginia

K Bobby Puyol, UConn

DL Pat Ricard, UMaine

QB Zach Terrell, WMU

OT Maurquice Shakir, Middle Tennessee

OL Brandon Kublanow, Georgia


Ravens got solid value throughout imo but ignored a couple substantial needs. Humphrey wasn’t my favorite CB but his character, mentality and athleticism were 1st round caliber. My concern is that he doesn’t use that ability to stick to guys and make plays. I think he might be a better prospect as a safety. OLB Bowser’s boom or bust. He’s got 1st round talent but lacks a lot of refinement. DE Wormley’s a good value and should grow into a starter.


OLB Williams is a flier despite his talent and pedigree. He’s a character risk and an up and down player. If he takes to the mentoring of a guy like Suggs he could pay off. I’m not a fan of OG Siragusa’s play. I thought he was just an overweight interior guy. But Eluemunor could be a steal. He needs technique work but he’s a powerful, athletic guy with long limbs. Better suited inside but the Ravens may try him at RT because of the enormous hole there. Ravens entirely bypassed WR, one of the team’s clear needs.


Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns

(1) Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M

(25) Jabrill Peppers, S, Michigan

(29) David Njoku, TE,  Miami   

(52) DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame  

(65) Larry Ogunjobi, DT, North Carolina Charlotte   

(126) Howard Wilson, CB/S, Houston

(160) Roderick Johnson, OT, Florida St.

(185) Caleb Brantley, DT, Florida   

(224) Zane Gonzalez, K, Arizona State  

(252) Matt Dayes, RB, N.C. State



WR Mitchell Shegos - Notre Dame

WR Ronnie Moore - Bowling Green

WR Tim Crawley - San Jose State

OG Josh Boutte - LSU

OL Freddie Tagaloa - Arizona

DE Jamal Marcus - Akron

DE Ladell Fleming - Northern Illinois

DE Karter Schult - Northern Iowa

LB B.J. Bello - Illinois State

LB Kenneth Olugbode - Colorado

DB J.D. Harmon - Kentucky

CB Channing Stribling - Michigan

CB Alvin Hill - Maryland

CB Najee Murray - Kent State

S Kai Nacua - BYU


Browns salvaged a very solid draft after reportedly missing on a couple preferred QBs in Trubisky at #2 and Mahomes at some point. After passing on Watson and picking up yet another high 18’ draft pick, the Browns took the polarizing DB Peppers. It could take some time for him to find his niche but once Peppers starts to anticipate, he should be a valuable safety. Nojku was something of a necessity as the Browns don’t have a valid #1 target after letting Pryor walk. Completely raw but Njoku has the talent to be a top shelf receiving TE. Although it's debatable they needed to trade up for him.


Kizer basically became the consolation prize in the 2nd but I still think he was a bit of a reach. He’s got clear  #1 overall tools but the questionable part is what’s going on between his ears. If the Browns can get him back to the prospect he was as a RS soph, he’s a functional pro starter. Ogunjobi is a classic 3 tech. Quick off the snap but underpowered. Trading up for CB Wilson with a dearth of solidly ranked CBs on the board was eye raising.


OT Johnson and DT Brantley are late round fliers. Johnson has superior character and size but suffers from awful leverage issues. Brantley was a cat quick playmaking college under tackle but disappeared for stretches and was highly inconsistent vs the run. I think he still would’ve been a 2nd - 3rd round prospect based on his film. But reports that his character was a problem well before the nightclub incident makes him a considerable longshot. K Gonzalez and RB Dayes were great late round gets and should earn a squad spot, not just make it based on the FO’s grand plan. UDFA S Nacua is a keeper. Athletic and a playmaker but underpowered.

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