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Zay Flowers Scouting Report

"Shift god with open field wizardry that flashes strong hands. He's bully material sized but plays with an edge and notable perseverance."



Shift god with ball skills and open field wizardry. Efficient and quick on his releases with ankle breaking change of direction. Big time stop/starter agility with elite elusiveness.

Hands catcher that's adept at tracking the ball. Flashes ability to make contested catches. All pro potential return ability.



Small and plays more quick than fast. Routes often lack precision. Bully material at his size and doesn't want contact. Suffers concentration drops.



Flowers would be a flag football Hall of Famer. He's an adept open field yac threat with impressive hands. BC countered his diminutive size by putting him in the slot and in motion often. He ought to be an all-purpose weapon going forward and make a key impact as a returner.

With that said, he's not a true deep threat and isn't a precise route runner as yet. Separates predominantly with gears and deception and is susceptible to physical, athletic corners. He generally shows strong ball skills but can lapse into a critical drop occasionally.

NFL Comp: beta Tyler Lockett



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