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Zack Moss Scouting Report

"Strong, aggressive runner with balance, vision, receiving skills and pass pro ability, but lacks juice and is injury prone"



Sudden, powerful runner with impressive receiving skill. Excels in pass pro. Solid start/stop ability and overall maneuverability at 223 pounds.

Efficient runner that exploits creases with run strength, patience and vision. Finisher that breaks soft tackles and earns every yard. Surprisingly quick after the catch.



Durability is suspect with numerous injuries to his knee, shoulder, hand and head over his 800+ touch career. Speed challenged although he has a burst. Not especially elusive and absorbs a lot of contact.



Moss is a strong, aggressive runner with balance and vision but lacks juice and is injury prone. 100% healthy he can look like a slower Zeke Elliott but that's few and far between.

His running style suggests that his durability will be a constant concern. That said, he's a solid 3 down back that will likely be available later in the draft than he should because of his limitations and could step right in and contribute.

NFL Comp. Lamont Jordan



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