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Zach Wilson Scouting Report

"Arm talent clinician with pocket mobility that processes quickly and is a grinder. Durability concerns and the ratcheted up level of competition are the obstacles"



Arm talent clinician with top tier pocket mobility. Throws any type of pass to all levels and can vary his arm angle. Anticipates at a high level and throws guys open. Runs through progressions and makes full field reads.

Has a fastball for tight windows but can also drop it in the bucket. Adept throwing on the run or scrambling. Elusive in the pocket and in the open field. Talented runner with vision and burst when he tucks it.

Football grinder and reportedly obsesses over game film and strategy.


Easy pocket manipulation with the arm talent to put it anywhere he wants is what sets Wilson apart.



Decision making can get frenetic and lead to unforced errors. Strays off platform and off mechanics unnecessarily. Makes heat check throws instead of taking what's there. Hasn't had the toughest strength of schedule in his career.

Durability a concern with his slight frame and his occasional reckless play style after already sustaining injuries to his throwing shoulder and thumb. Rumors about character issues were floated around early in the process.


Wilson is sometimes a basketball player in a football uni. It's improvisation over structure at times and completely valid to question the sustainability of that as a pro.



The youngest QB to ever start at BYU, Wilson's preparation is noteworthy and runs through his reads arguably better right now than any other QB in this class. What stands out about his game inside this QB class is the ability to manipulate in the pocket while having the elite arm talent to make accurate tight window throws.

He's generally poised under pressure and utilizes patience and quickness to buy time, run the ball or fire downfield. That said, he can bite off more than he can chew at times physically, and overestimate his mobility.

He's also occasionally extra, and makes reads & throws harder than they need to be. Plays the game like a basketball player and tries heat check throws instead of settling for easier options. Likely the best arm talent in this class and can make throws from awkward angles and body positions, but his vision isn't always as good and he can leave yards on the field.

Assuming he goes #2, NYC culture could be perilous for a young guy with his familial attachments so his acknowledgment that he's got relatives in the area could be necessary insulation for him.

Efficiency will be an obstacle for his NFL coach. If he can settle down his play, maintain his health and insulate from naysayers, Wilson could reasonably end up the best QB out of this class down the road.

NFL Comp. mid west Aaron Rodgers


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