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Zach Charbonnet Scouting Report

"Speed back with size and receiving skills that gets angry through contact. A RB prototype that really only lacks ideal elusiveness."



Speed back with ideal size, yards after contact strength and receiving ability. Can turn it up through the hole and out run defenders in space. Flashes patience and shows solid vision.

Gets angry into contact, keeps his feet moving and slips through arm tackles. Adept hands catcher. Top tier ball security and rarely losing the rock. Competes well in pass pro.

Charbonnet has prototype size, a complete skill set, and runs angry. If he lands in a high octane offense... look out.



Choppy feet and lateral mobility is just adequate.



Charbonnet is nearly a prototype RB prospect. He's a fast runner that can exploit openings and has the physicality to finish for extra yards in a crowd. He's a good receiver and a threat as an underneath passing option.

He's reliable and rarely commits an unforced error with one of the lowest fumble rates in this class. If your squinting for a nitpick it's that he's not the most fluid or agile runner. He's a choppy lateral mover and loses efficiency when he tries to be elusive.

NFL Comp: Demarco Murray



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