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Yasir Abdullah Scouting Report

"Rocked & twitched up edge with above board athleticism that's a playmaker. The drawbacks are that he isn't fluid and refuses to use his hands."



Well built, explosive edge with instincts. Possesses good burst and speed to chase across the field. Good lateral agility and can get slippery.

Flashes strength in his hands. Sturdy and physical at the poa can hold an edge. Solid open field tackler. Versatile and could thrive as an off ball guy or on the edge. Good motor and is a clutch playmaker.



Tight, short armed, and doesn't use his hands enough. Prefers to avoid blocks rather then take them on. Lacks ideal size/length for an the edge rusher.



Abdullah is a rocked & twitched up edge with speed and physicality but can play especially tight at times and often acts like he doesn't have arms.

He's comfortable in space and can range but isn't an asset in coverage. At the poa he's at home and wins with burst and power but he'd be a more reliable force if he embraced engaging more with his hands.

NFL Comp: Uchenna Nwosu



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