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Xavier McKinney Scouting Report

"Smart, versatile safety that's essentially a slower CB and mans up well with TE's but plays light in the pants and gets bullied by angry ball carriers"



Corner playing safety. Fluid with solid awareness. Solid burst. Good man cover skills especially matched up on the TE. Flies up quick on run support. Quick hands and looks to strip the ball. Smart, mature, character guy that puts in the work and is a team leader.



Light in the pants and gets run over. Fluid but lacks great speed. Not the greatest run fits and can get swallowed up and bounced around. Chase tackler that doesn't break down well head up.



McKinney's a smart, versatile safety having played single high and in the box for Bama and brings good man cover skills.

He's a TE eliminator in man and has solid awareness in the middle range. Looks like a CB and plays like one but also lacks good physicality, gets punked by angry ball carriers, and can struggle with his angles and tackling in space. Well coached and ready to contribute in a man based scheme but reliability and physicality are lacking.

NFL Comp. Kendrick Lewis



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