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Wyatt Davis Scouting Profile

"All the dog you want with a great motor but doesn't play with length and struggles vs better, stronger athletes."



First step quick zone lineman with good aggressiveness. Fires out and comfortably gets to targets at the second level. Possesses quality speed for an IOL. Motor doesn't wane. Keeps feet driving through the whistle.

Davis (#52 RG) will be a coach's favorite.



Undersized and lacks good power. Guys get under him and drive him back. Lateral mobility isn't as good as his linear mobility and he struggles to recover.

Davis (#52 RG) can get bashed around a bit at the poa as in these two clips vs Washington.



Davis has all the dog you want in an interior OL. He gets out and into his guy and doesn't let up. Superior motor and relishes the physical confrontations. But he's not regularly winning all those confrontations.

He's an average athlete with mediocre size and can lose vs solid quickness and power. He's a starting caliber guy but not as good a prospect as his pre draft hype.

NFL Comp. Joe Looney



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