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Will McDonald Scouting Report

"Swift edge with long arms and explosive mobility. The drawbacks are that he lacks fluidity and is always punching up as an under powered lightweight."



Swift rush edge with long arms and active hands. Good first step and can get into the backfield before OTs set. Scrappy competitor despite always giving up size and flashes solid leverage use.

Active hands and does a decent job of keeping free to chase the ball. Experienced in space and can get into passing lanes.



High cut, especially tight and struggles in space to bend the arc or break down for a tackle. Undersized and occasionally abused at the point. On the ground too often.



McDonald has the linear speed, length and competitiveness to play a key role somewhere in the front seven. But he's limited by his lack of ideal fluidity.

He's tight and struggles to maintain footing cornering and changing direction. He punches up at the poa but doesn't have the size, strength or technique to prevent getting thrown out the club.

NFL Comp: long armed Barkevious Mingo



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