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Will Levis Scouting Report

"Blistering, strong arm thrower with intimidating size and speed as a runner. The catch is that he was a college game manager that generally bailed under pressure and has already endured multiple nagging injuries."



Strong arm with a whip release and can blister throws into tight spaces. Arm talented and flashes ability to make every throw or adjust arm angles. Flashes downfield accuracy.

A physical, fast, runner as a ball carrier. Flashes ability to manipulate space in the pocket and create space to throw or run. Adept play action actor and played in a pro styled scheme.

Rocket launcher arm and strong running ability but Levis just has that kind of play style and vibe that'll encourage enthusiastic punishment from defenders.



Poise is inconsistent and a shrinking pocket typically turns him into a RB. Late eyes and tends to play too mechanically. Arm thrower and ball placement can veer into scattershot.

Accuracy wanes when moved off his spot. Occasionally a hammer, nail, thrower that lacks touch. Responsible for a fair share of turnovers. Nagging injuries have plagued him. Over-aged prospect. (24)



Levis has the arm talent and physical tools of an elite level starting QB. He can test the tightest of windows and throw an undefendable strike anywhere on the field.

The catch is that he's a limited process guy that drops precision under heavy pressure. His greatest success was out of a run first, heavily scripted offense that didn't necessarily require sophisticated reads.

He's a dangerous, play-making runner in the open field, but in the pocket, when he's staring down the barrel, he often blinks. Nagging injuries to his hand, shoulder, foot and head all raise injury concerns moving forward considering his rugged running and pocket hanging style.

Levis' game reminds a bit of Derek Carr's, as far as arm talent but also his tendency to shrink under pressure, but he's a better and stronger athlete. Daniel Jones is a fair comp imo but Duke Jones was likely a better processor. Taysom Hill is a fairly close physical comp although Levis clearly has a better arm.

NFL Comp: arm talent Taysom Hill



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