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Will Anderson Jr Scouting Report

"Point of attack pitt fighter with short area burst and a title belt of monster SEC production but isn't as naturally explosive as his reputation suggests."



POA striker with good short area burst and long arms. Brutal on contact and can shed and find the ball. Employs an array of pass rush moves. Technique sound and can generally hold the edge.

Impressive motor and has played through injuries. Straight line quick in space. Monster production in the SEC and a difference maker from day 1.

Anderson's floor is lotfy because he's got a tempting blend of physicality, hand work, burst and work ethic.



Clunky and lacks top tier explosiveness. Sand is light for his style and he can be walked around after initial contact. Tight and lacks anticipation. Not fluid in space. Coverage ability isn't a strong suit.

It's not the general narrative but Anderson isn't a unicorn level prospect like his production suggests.



Anderson brings monster SEC production and is considered an elite prospect by many but his skillet is really that of an overachiever. He's relentless, technique sound, physical at the point and has a solid burst to the ball but he's tight, heavy footed and undersized for a DE.

His considerable dip in production as a junior wasn't an outlier. Built like an outside linebacker but in space he lacks the fluidity and anticipation to be much of a factor in coverage.

He's basically more of a muscle car than sports car. His game is reminiscent of a Trey Flowers or a Nick Bosa but he's less stout and powerful than either. That still projects as a solid player but I think as a pro Anderson will be more valuable for his versatility and character than any eye popping production numbers.

NFL Comp: angry Jabaal Sheard



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