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Ventrell Miller Scouting Report

Thick, anticipatory guy with a solid all around skill-set but isn't a great athlete, is undersized and has an injury prone history."



Hard hitting interior linebacker with good anticipation. Has a burst and wipes out targets in the hole. Awareness is an asset and puts him in position to make plays.

Can hold up in coverage and gets good depth. Active hands and works to get free when reached. Good motor and an on field leader.


Miller's best trait is probably his awareness. He doesn't have any glaring weaknesses but he's under board in most physical categories. #51 here vs Ole Miss in 2020.



Lacks speed and struggles to recover from false steps. Balance is suspect and is on the ground a lot. Injury prone with multiple upper and lower body injuries sustained. Over-aged. (24)



Miller is a heavy hitting guy with a solid all around skillset but isn't a great athlete. He's anticipates well and covers ground decently. It allows him to hold up in coverage. In the box he can fire downhill and blow up lanes when necessary.

He's been a high volume tackler at Florida and is typically reliable making stops. The drawback is that he's slow and doesn't have terrific lateral quickness. He's been injury prone and comes out of Florida over-aged.

NFL Comp: Quincy Williams



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