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Tyree Wilson Scouting Report

"Abnormally fast edge with length and power. The rub is that he plays light, gets bullied if his initial push is met and physically is a high cut, tight, linear mover."



Abnormally fast, big, linear edge defender. Long frame with a freakish wingspan and is comfortable in space. Impressive bull rush and can skate back defenders.

Can stand up rush or play down and generates speed quickly with quick steps. Covers ground and can chase to the sidelines.



High cut, linear athlete that struggles to redirect laterally. Plays light and gets bullied if he loses leverage. Hand work technicians steer him around. Inconsistent finisher. Suffered season ending foot injury and has missed pre draft workouts.



Wilson is a work in progress edge with a rare combination of length, speed and power. At his best he comes off with good strength and can leverage openings to chase the ball with expert closing speed. With his physical traits he's a got a sizable upside.

The rub is that he's a linear guy that's slow twitch, struggles to attack fluidly and gets tied up if his power is met early on. He's not proficient with his hands or long arms and lets opponents get into his frame. His motor is adequate but he's not an angry defender tone setter and, given his gifts, it often looks like he's leaving something on the field.

NFL Comp: Jason Jones



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